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Make sure you've got options for dog-friendly parks and restaurants at your final vacation destination.

Dog-Friendly Vacation Ideas

Sometimes a vacation is exactly what both you and your dog need. Picture the excitement in your dog's friendly eyes and the enthusiastic wag of his tail as you both share new experiences together. Whether the two of you are going on a long road trip or just a short staycation, you'll be able to come up with more creative ideas for your vacation with a little pre-planning.

Make sure you've got options for dog-friendly parks and restaurants at your final vacation destination.

Going on a longer vacation? Keep these ideas in mind.

Feeling the need to get away and experience something completely new with your adventurous pup? Consider these points ahead of time when choosing your destination.

1. Where You Stay

Unless you're going camping, your first priority should be finding dog-friendly hotels along your journey. When choosing the hotel you'll stay at, consider the following:

  • Does it allow pets? If they do, is there a weight limit?
  • Does it have an outdoor space for potty breaks?
  • What pup amenities does the hotel offer?
  • Is a dog-friendly restaurant or park nearby?
  • Does the hotel charge a fee for pets or offer pet packages?

For example, the Pasea Hotel & Spa in Huntington, California, has an onsite dog park and restaurant with a menu just for pups. A VIP package includes a dog collar, leash, toy, and entree. The hotel is also close to an off-leash dog beach.

2. Your Dog's Vacation Experience

In addition to choosing where you'll stay, consider a few additional things before booking your dog-friendly vacation.

  • What will the weather be like at your destination? You don't want your pup stuck indoors.
  • If flying, does the airline restrict by breed or size?
  • Are there dog-friendly parks and restaurants in the cities you're visiting?
  • Will your dog have unique experiences? For example, some ski resorts have dog-friendly gondolas, and many national parks welcome dogs. Some oceanside towns even have dog-friendly dolphin cruises!

3. The Travel Carrier You'll Pack

If you're going on a road trip, pick the right travel carrier to keep you and your pup safe. Consider these options:

  • The K&H Travel Safety Carrier buckles into your car and keeps your pet secure, enclosing your pet completely. It has durable mesh panels, allowing your pet to see what's going on around her.
  • The K&H Bucket Booster Pet Seat comes in a heated and unheated variety. It has a comfy foam bolster and elevates her so she can see the world around her.
  • The K&H Bucket Booster Rectangle Pet Seat comes in multiple colors and is compatible with any car seatbelt. The front dips down to help your pet climb in.
  • The K&H Buckle n' Go Pet Seat includes a lead that attaches to the seatbelt to secure to your dog's harness. Your pet can easily see out whether she's sitting up or lying down.
    K&H Buckle n Go Pet Seat

Prefer a staycation? Consider these factors.

Want to stay a little closer to home? Consider a day outing to a lake, beach, hiking trail, or a dog-friendly water park. For example, if you live in the Austin, Texas, region, you can visit K9 Water World, which has a dock diving pool and a beach-style entry pool. Also nearby is Cedar Bark Park, a five-acre, free-roam park with a dog pond.

If you want an overnight outing, look for a dog-friendly hotel nearby or go camping at a beach, lake, or park. Make sure you bring all the essentials for "roughing it," like a dog carrier, food, and water for your pup. You might also want to give your pup a comfy place to rest outside by bringing an elevated cot. Here are two great options:

  • The patented K&H Original Bolster Pet Cot helps your pet stay cool by letting air circulate beneath its breathable mesh center. It can hold more than 200 pounds and comes with waterproof fabric and a fluffy bolster.
    K&H Original Bolster Pet Cot
  • The K&H Elevated Cozy Cot Pet Bed is raised to let air circulate beneath it. It collapses for easy storage and travel and comes in multiple sizes.

Keep Your Car Protected While Vacationing

If your pup gets a little muddy or dirty on some of your outings, you might want to invest in safety barriers or protectors to keep your vehicle clean.

  • The K&H Quilted Cargo Cover lets you travel without worrying about rips or pet hair ruining the back of your SUV. It has a soft, quilted surface and a water-resistant barrier, protecting the cargo floor and side walls. It comes with pockets to hold leashes, toys, or portable bowls.
  • The K&H Travel Safety Barrier creates a boundary between your two front seats so your pet can't distract you while you're driving. It has a mesh pouch for treats or other necessities.
  • The K&H Vehicle Door Protector protects your vehicle's doors from dirt or scratches. It also stays in place when you're operating the windows.
     K&H Vehicle Door Protector

Plan Ahead for a Fun, Dog-Friendly Vacation

Enjoying a dog-friendly vacation with your furry best friend is all about planning ahead. Whether going on a short staycation or a longer road trip, make sure your destinations are dog-friendly and pack all the essentials for a fun time.

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