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  • Dogs usually scratch their beds out of instinct.
    September 15, 2020

    Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds?

    Why do dogs scratch their beds before they lay down? If you have a dog, you've probably seen the ritual many dogs like to do before they lie down. They'll scratch at or dig around their bed before settling in for a nap. Sometimes the scratching can get a bit destructive, and you might start to worry. There's typically no need to be concerned though. Dogs enjoy scratching their beds because it helps "scratch" their territorial itch.
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  • Some senior dogs struggle with anxiety during the night. Here are some ways to help.
    September 3, 2020

    Why Does My Senior Dog Have Anxiety at Night?

    When evening arrives and everyone settles down for a good night's sleep, you want to hear the sounds of peaceful slumber, not the sounds of your dog restlessly whining, barking, pacing, or panting. Not only does your dog's restlessness disrupt your sleep, but it's also not helping your dog get the sleep he needs, either. If your dog is getting older, you might begin to notice these behaviors increasing in frequency. What is causing your senior dog anxiety at night? And how can you calm him and improve the situation?
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  • When do puppies open their eyes?
    June 24, 2020

    When do puppies open their eyes?

    Puppies are bundles of energy and activity, and oh, so cute. But at birth, puppies are essentially blind, deaf, and unable to move around except at a slow crawl. They remain entirely dependent on their mother for weeks after birth. This leads to an interesting question: when do puppies open their eyes fully?

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  • How to keep newborn puppies warm
    June 24, 2020

    How to keep newborn puppies warm

    Puppies are born without teeth and with their eyes and ears closed. Naturally, they depend on their mother (and you) to keep them safe and healthy. One of the most important parts of caring for newborn puppies is to keep them at the proper temperature. Here's how to keep newborn puppies warm.

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