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Car camping with your dog can be a lot of fun as long as you have all the right supplies.

Tips for Car Camping with a Dog

One of the best things in life is adventuring with your dog. When you're both tired of being cooped up indoors, it might be time to jump in the car and go camping. If you get all the supplies you need ahead of time, you can drop everything and go on a journey whenever the mood strikes. This guide will walk you through everything you need to go car camping with your dog.

Car camping with your dog can be a lot of fun as long as you have all the right supplies.

Get a Dog Carrier for a Secure Car Ride

You need a car-safe carrier so your pup can have a comfortable and safe journey while you're heading to your destination. Look for carriers that connect securely to a seat belt or console so your pup doesn't slip and slide in the car while you're driving.

For little dogs like chihuahuas or toy poodles, the K&H Portable Pet Console Booster Dog Car Seat is the perfect choice. This car seat easily and securely attaches to your car's middle console, so your pup can ride right next to you in the front of your car. Its sewn-in adjustable lead attaches to your dog's harness, keeping him secure. After the ride's over, it converts into a portable dog carrier.

K&H Portable Pet Console Booster Dog Car Seat

The K&H Buckle n' Go Pet Seat comes in multiple sizes for virtually any size dog. The front and back straps loop around your car's headrests for safe backseat riding. It comes with a lead you can attach to your pet's harness and snaps directly into a seat belt, keeping your pup secure. The seat's mesh side windows allow your pup to see out, even when he's lying down.

K&H Buckle 'n Go Pet Seat

You might also consider the K&H Travel Safety Carrier, which comes in multiple sizes. The carrier has two straps: one wraps around the headrest, and the second strap connects to a seat belt. It's easy to install and has durable mesh panels so your pup can see out at multiple angles. When you're done driving, you use the carrier to keep your pet secure at your destination.

K&H Travel Safety Carrier

Pack All the Essentials

After you've packed your clothes, food, and travel supplies, you'll also need all the essentials for your pup. As you pack, consider these four categories of supplies you definitely don't want to forget:

1. Portable Food and Water Bowls with Extra Food and Water

Bring portable food and water bowls to use while you're out and about. You should also pack your dog's favorite kibble and bottled water to fill her bowl. New sources of water can upset a dog's stomach, so it's a good idea to use bottled water or bottle up some of your own from home.

Of course, don't forget the treats and toys! Your dog is on vacation, too, so there will be lots of time for play and fun.

2. Leash, Poop Bags, and Basic Safety Items

Keep basic safety items close at hand, like a leash or harness, poop bags, a reflective collar or vest for the evening, and dog booties in case you're hiking on rocky, hot, or very cold ground. Your pup may also need a jacket if the weather's colder. If it's hot and sunny, you might want an umbrella to ensure your pup has a shady spot for resting.

3. Outdoor Pet Beds

When you're lounging outdoors, you want your pup to have a comfortable place to relax, too.

One option is the K&H Elevated Cozy Cot Pet Bed, which comes in multiple sizes. Because the bed is raised, the cot helps keep your pup cool when the weather outside is warmer. The frame also collapses, making it easy to take with you on a camping trip.

If your pup needs some shade or protection from the elements while you're outdoors, try the K&H Pet Cot House. This cot is made of water-resistant, heavy-duty fabric and has two side windows that open for airflow. Because it's elevated, air can circulate for better cooling.

K&H Pet Cot House

4. Supplies in Case of an Emergency

Every good camper prepares for the unexpected. You need some supplies on hand in case something goes wrong. This includes ensuring your dog is microchipped and wearing an identification tag collar in case she gets lost. You should also write down the contact information for the closest 24/7 veterinarian and bring a copy of your pet's vaccination and health records with you.

While you're at it, put together a first aid kit. Consider including items like medical tape, gauze, alcohol pads for cleaning, and tools to remove ticks, burrs, or thorns.

Keep Your Dog Cozy and Warm

Whether you're snuggling up in your car at night in a sleeping bag or enjoying a break during your drive, you want your pup to be cozy too. Be sure to pack your dog's favorite blankets, along with a few other comforting essentials.

The K&H Bucket Booster Pet Seat - Heated or Unheated not only keeps your pup secure during your car ride, but it provides a plush place to sleep when the drive's over. This pet seat comes in two sizes and securely buckles to a seat belt. The heated version plugs into a USB port, and both versions come with a bolster cushion for extra comfy sleeping.

Your dog may also want the K&H Mother's Heartbeat Puppy/Kitty Heart Pillow when you turn in for the night. The heart-shaped pillow mimics the heartbeat of a puppy's mother, helping keep your pup calm through the dark night.

K&H Mother's Heartbeat Heart Pillow

Journeying with Your Dog Is Fun if You're Prepared

Car camping with your dog can be a lot of fun as long as you plan ahead. Make sure you have a car seat to keep her secure, along with all the essentials like food, water, toys, beds, and emergency supplies. Being well prepared can give you peace of mind so you and your pup can focus on bonding and having fun while you're car camping.

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