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EZ Mount Cat Grass Grow Stations

Introducing our enhanced K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window line, now featuring a Cat Grass Growing Kit! Grow fresh cat grass effortlessly with these all-inclusive kits. Elevate your cat's window time today! 

Indoor cats often miss out on the opportunity to graze on grass, which can be beneficial for their digestion and overall well-being. Providing them with a cat perch that incorporates a cat grass growing station is a brilliant idea. Not only does it offer a comfortable spot for them to observe the outdoors from the window, but it also allows them to indulge in the natural behavior of nibbling on grass. Plus, the convenience of having the grass planter built into a cat perch makes it easy for pet parents to maintain and ensures that their cats always have access to fresh grass. Overall, it's a thoughtful and practical solution for enriching the lives of indoor cats.

These K&H Cat Window Perch Cat Grass Grow Kits feature 100% USA Farmed Oat Grass, the most flavorful of the cat grasses on the market. It also serves as a good source of protein and soluble fiber!  Included in each unit are two grow cups; one for now, and one for later.  

Easy to grow!
Each unit will come with:
2 Growing Cups, 2 Packets of Seeds and Soil Pellets
1. Add water to soil pellets in the provided grow cup
2. Plant seeds 1/4” below soil
3. Add water daily to keep moist (do not overwater)
4. Grass grows in about two weeks

Why are K&H Cat Grass Kits Better?
Our soil pellets are made of Coco Coir Fiber. Coco Coir Fiber has a unique structure that enables excellent aeration of plant roots. This helps prevent soil compaction and promotes healthy root development which is crucial to overall plant growth. Plus, our seeds are 100% non-GMO and USA-farmed. K&H grass is 100% Oat grass, which is most cat's preferred flavor.

Pro Tips
• You may want to start growing your second cup of K&H Cat Grass one week after your
first cup germinates, then swap cups once the second cup is ready. (continue to grow the original cup and swap them out as kitty "mows her cat grass lawn")
• Depending on their nutritional needs, your pet may or may not eat Cat Grass daily, and that's just fine.
• Careful not to overwater. Keep soil moist, not saturated. As with any live plant, overwatering can create mold in the soil.