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About K&H Pet Products

Located in Colorado Springs, CO, K&H Pet Products is the largest dedicated producer of heated pet products in the country. We offer the greatest quality, innovation and selection for dogs, cats, wild and exotic birds, poultry, small animals, stock tanks, and ponds. Each year K&H develops new and unique products to provide comfort for pets and appreciation by their owners.

This site is for purchasing pet products directly from K&H Pet Products. Prospective retailers can complete our Dealer Inquiry Form under "Contact Us" to obtain more information.

Pet Expert Recommended

Thousands of veterinarians and pet experts use, recommend and promote the year round use of not only our traditional bed line but our innovative heated pet bed line as well. They find our products reliable, affordable and beneficial to pets.

Therapeutic Benefits

Every K&H heated bed or mat provides warmth to relax muscles for active pets and to sooth joints and muscles for aging and arthritic pets. Our traditional beds feature choices of memory foam, orthopedic foam and self-heated polyfilled beds to help your pet enjoy their K&H bed.


Only the finest materials are used to make K&H products durable and long lasting. We have one of the lowest return ratios in the pet industry.

Green & Energy Efficient

With our industry-changing technologies, many of our products cost less to run than the average night light. Low wattage = low operating costs. That’s important in today’s world of high energy costs. K&H proudly uses foam made from bio-based materials and polyfil made from recycled bottles.

Product Depth & Innovation

The most extensive line of heated pet products in the industry. Our product line is totally unique, with products unlike anything offered by other manufacturers. 


K&H Pet Products works closely with MET Laboratory to safety certify our products, assuring K&H Pet Products are safe for daily use by your pets and in your home.