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Your dog shouldn't ride in the front seat. Keep your pup safe with a car seat designed just him. We've got a few to consider.

Can dogs sit in the front seat?

Few activities are as satisfying as adventuring with your dog on the open road. With the windows down, you and your faithful companion can breathe in nature's bouquet while leaving your cares behind. But can your dog sit in the front seat while traveling?

Your dog shouldn't ride in the front seat. Keep your pup safe with a car seat designed just him. We've got a few to consider.

Adventuring doesn't mean you forget about safety. Whether making a quick trip to the nearest ice cream shack or driving to the other side of the country on a week's vacation, traveling safely with your beloved pet should be first and foremost in your mind.

Reasons Your Dog Shouldn't Sit in the Front Seat

While having your furry pal beside you might seem natural, it's not the best or safest way to travel with your precious pup. Why?

  • Distractions. When traveling, your dog is often a curious, sometimes nervous, and constantly moving ball of energy. Even the most well-behaved pet can unknowingly cause a distraction from time to time. It only takes the swat of a tail or a sudden movement by your pet to distract you and cause an accident.
  • Airbags. Airbags are ingenious inventions — they save lives every day. However, front-seat airbags are designed to protect taller humans, not pets. The force an airbag deploys is strong enough to kill or crush the average dog. This is the main reason dogs should never sit in the front seat of a moving car.
  • Trauma. A dog's fight-or-flight reflex can kick in even after a minor incident. A scared and dazed dog will often run away after any fear response, so keeping him restrained is essential to keep him in the vehicle, safe from oncoming traffic and other hidden dangers.
  • Security. Believe it or not, your dog can find security in the back seat of a car. An unrestrained dog moves with the car's motion, often causing car sickness. A restrained dog buckled into a comfy seat is less likely to feel nauseous and unsteady.

Air Bags and Dogs Don't Mix

Clicking your seatbelt is likely second nature when getting into a vehicle. It's been drilled into our heads since we were little! Yet, for some reason, many drivers fail to restrain the family dog during a car ride.

Most drivers aren't aware that a vehicle's airbag will deploy for even minor "crashes" at low speeds of 8-14 mph. An airbag doesn't only inflate; it actually explodes due to built-up gases. Adults often experience burns, fractures, and eye injuries when an airbag deploys. Imagine what can happen to your fluffy companion that's significantly smaller in stature than you.

Keep Your Pup Safe with a Car Seat

So what is the best way to travel safely with your dog? Crates are a good option, especially if your dog is comfortable with crate training. However, a crate may move around in the back of a vehicle, and an untethered dog is more likely to get car sick or injured. One of the better options for pet travel is using a pet-specific car seat, specifically one that tethers your dog to a belted carrier. Pet seats help keep your dog stationary and secure during travel.

With all the options available, it's essential you do your research to find the best pet car seat for your dog. K&H dog car seats and pet booster seats provide distraction-free driving and enhance your pet's quality of life by giving them a secure and comfortable place near you when you're on the go. A few seats to consider include:

  1. The K&H Travel Safety Carrier buckles into the seatbelt and folds flat for easy transport and storage. Its mesh panels allow for multiple viewing angles — perfect positioning for a dog to enjoy the views!
    K&H Travel Safety Carrier
  2. The K&H Bucket Booster Pet Seat elevates your pet, providing a better view of the open road. The seat is secured into any vehicle's seatbelt, features removable, washable covers, and includes tethers to secure your pet's harness. Because this seat is compatible with any car seat, buckling your pet securely to your vehicle's interior is easy. Its curved back ensures a more secure fit in any car.
    K&H Bucket Booster Pet Seat
  3. The K&H Bucket Booster Rectangle Pet Seat comes in sizes small and large. The small bucket booster is recommended for small pets, and the large booster can fit two small pets or one medium-sized dog. The seat buckles into the seatbelt and includes two adjustable tethers to attach to your dog's harness for added safety.
    K&H Bucket Booster Rectangle Pet Seat
  4. The K&H Buckle n' Go Pet Seat is quick to install and includes a tether that fastens to the seatbelt and connects to your dog's harness. This seat works for larger dogs because it doesn't have a weight limit.
     K&H Bucklet n' Go Pet Seat
  5. The K&H Portable Pet Console Booster Dog Car Seat is an excellent option if you and your small dog are constantly on the go. This seat allows for effortless transport. This carrier sits perfectly secure on any console and doubles as a fully enclosed mesh carrier.
     K&H Portable Pet Console Booster Dog Seat

Pet Safety for Large and X-Large Dogs

Humongous dogs, like an English Mastiff, Great Dane, St. Bernard, or Newfoundland, will be hard to pack into a pet safety seat, much less your back seat. So what do you do for your giant fluffball? Consider turning the back end of your car into a cozy and protected area for your dog while protecting your car.

The K&H Quilted Cargo Cover is the perfect protector for your car's cargo area. It gives your "larger-than-life" pup a place to relax while on the go and protects your car from anything your dog might leave behind. The K&H Travel Safety Barrier keeps your dog in the backseat where she belongs and offers a safety barrier between the driver and your dog at all times. And the K&H Vehicle Door Protector protects your car's doors against damage from your dog's large, thick nails.

Keep Your Pup Safe in a Car

Can dogs sit in the front seat of your car? For you and your dog's safety, it's best your dog rides in the back. Adventuring with your dog should be fun, relaxing, and all about making memories with your furry traveling companion. Keeping your dog secure in the backseat will help ensure every traveler has a more enjoyable and safe experience. While securing your dog in a pet safety seat may take a little extra time, the benefits far outweigh any minor inconveniences — and isn't your furry travel buddy worth it?

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