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Your dog will jump for joy if you include pool time just for him in your summer adventures.

7 Fun Activities to Do with Your Dog this Summer

The weather's getting warmer, which means it's time to have a lot of outdoor adventures with your furry best friend! What are some fun things to do with your dog this summer? Here are seven great ideas you and your pup can do together when the weather's beautiful and you're both looking for a new adventure.

Your dog will jump for joy if you include pool time just for him in your summer adventures.

1. Go Swimming at a Pool, Beach, or Lake

One of the first things you and your dog might want to do is go for a swim. Some cities have pools designated especially for dogs, or they might even set up a "doggie swim day" at a local pool.

If you don't have a dog-friendly pool to visit, go on an adventure to a beach or lake together. Wherever you go, bring along some water toys for your dog to play with, like the Power Play Ring Thing Floatable Dog Toy.

Remember to follow water safety tips while you're going for a swim.1 If your dog's never had a chance to swim before, take things slow and stay in the shallow end and keep your dog on a leash while he learns. In some situations, like if you're on a boat, be sure to keep a doggie life jacket on your pup and avoid any bodies of water that have blue-green algae since this can make dogs very ill.2

2. Set Up a Pet-Sized Pool or Sprinklers in Your Backyard

If you don't have access to a lake, beach, or dog-friendly pool, why not set up an outdoor swim adventure in your backyard? An easy way to set this up is by getting a K&H Pet Pool Blue, which is designed especially for dogs. While you could also use a kiddie pool, a pet pool has easy draining and a non-slip surface specifically designed for dogs. They are also portable and foldable for easy storage.

To help your dog cool off even more, pair the pool with a Pet Pool Canopy that easily attaches to the top of the pool. The canopy provides much-needed shade while your pup splashes in the water.

You can also turn on the sprinklers in your backyard and dash through them with your dog. Just make sure they're on a low setting, so the spray isn't too strong.

Don't forget to put out a Comfy n' Dry Indoor/Outdoor Pet Bed next to your backyard pool. It has a UV-treated cover and is designed to maximize drying.

3. Go on a Hike Together

Summertime is the perfect setting to go on a hike with your pup. Bring portable water and food with you, and pick a hiking area with lots of shade, so your dog can cool down whenever he wants. You can go for a hike in a wooded area full of hills or take a jog in your local dog park. Change it up for each outing, so your dog has a variety of adventures to experience. If your dog's small, consider carrying him in the K&H Backpack Pet Carrier or the Lookout Pet Carrier with a bubble window.

4. Go Camping Together

To extend your adventure, set up camp for an overnight outing after you've gone on your pleasant hike. You might need to bring a crate and a Memory Foam Crate Pad if your dog is prone to wander while you sleep. Make sure the campground is dog-friendly, and bring portable containers for water and dog food.

5. Visit a Dog-Friendly Patio or Go for a Picnic

Now is a great time to catch a bite to eat with your furry best friend. Some restaurants offer pet-friendly patios where you can take your dog and enjoy a meal together. Of course, you only want to bring your dog if she's comfortable being around people and other pets.

If a dog patio isn't available near you, find a local park and go for a picnic together. Bring food and treats for both you and your dog, and make sure you have plenty of shade. If your dog is friendly with other pups, invite some friends along and make it a doggy play date. Take along the Superior Orthopedic Indoor/Outdoor Bed to give your pup a comfy place to relax.

6. Snuggle Up for a Movie Indoors or Outdoors

This season is a great time to cuddle up together. When it's the end of the day and cooler outside, set up a projection screen or an outdoor TV and watch a movie together while the fireflies buzz nearby. Your dog will love relaxing on the K&H Just Relaxin' Indoor/Outdoor Pet Bed while you sit in a comfy chair, enjoying the night together.

If you want to get extra fancy, go for a drive-in movie together if there's one near you. Just make sure your dog is comfortable with car rides and has a special car seat like the Bucket Booster Pet Seat to keep your pup safely secured on the car ride.

If it's too warm to be outside, then crank up the AC and watch your movie together indoors. Give your dog an extra-plush bed for the occasion, like the Bolster Couch.

7. Go for a Bike Ride Together

The summer is a great time to go for a bike ride together. Choose the early or later part of the day, so you can make sure the ground isn't too hot for your dog's paws. You can also get booties for your dog, so his paws don't get burned. If your dog hasn't gone on a run before, talk to your veterinarian to make sure he's in good shape for it. If you have a smaller dog, you can even take him in a Travel Bike Basket and top it with the Travel Bike Basket Hood to keep him in the shade.

Summer Safety Tips

Don't forget that for any outdoor activities, make sure you do whatever you can to keep your dog cool in the heat. Bring portable water, so your pup isn't dehydrated. She might especially love a Coolin' Bowl that keeps her water chilled. You should also make sure she has access to shade, such as the K&H Pet Cot Canopy, which attaches to the K&H Coolin' Pet Cot. Consider using sunscreen designed for dogs, especially if your pup has lighter-colored fur or skin. If the temperature is really hot, you might want to go early or late in the day when it's cooler.

The summer is a great opportunity to go on outdoor adventures with your dog. Whether it's a swim in a local lake or a night camping at a nearby park, you and your furry best friend can bond while enjoying all the sights and sounds that summer has to offer.

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