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We'll help you find the perfect gift for your dog's birthday or Gotcha Day.

9 Dog Birthday Gift Ideas Sure To Delight Your Pup

Your dog's birthday is a fantastic opportunity to do something extra special for the fur baby who changed your life. Whether you know your dog's actual birth date or you're celebrating your pup's "Gotcha Day" (the day you adopted your dog), you'll want to find the perfect gift for your pooch. These nine dog birthday gift ideas will delight pups of any age.

We'll help you find the perfect gift for your dog's birthday or Gotcha Day.

1. An Outdoor Doggie Pool

Dogs love to splash and play in the water when it's hot outside. Why not surprise your pup with a pool just for him? The Pet Pool comes in medium, large and extra-large sizes. It has a sturdy metal frame, so it doesn't collapse and lose water while your dog's splashing around, and it's made of non-slip durable vinyl. You can even get a Pet Pool Canopy to go with it, so your pup can splash around while being protected from the hot sun.

If you already have a pool your dog plays in, then surprise him with a Comfy n' Dry Indoor/Outdoor Pet Bed. Its water-resistant core makes it an ideal bed to set up by your pool.

2. Cooling Products to Beat the Heat

If it's warm outside, surprise your dog with cooling products to help her beat the heat on her "Gotcha Day." The Coolin' Bowl (in 32- or 96-ounce sizes) will keep her water cool for up to 15 hours with no electricity required.

You can also choose from a variety of cooling beds. The K&H Coolin' Pet Pad comes in four sizes and can be placed on top of your dog's favorite bed. You just need to add water; no refrigeration is required. Or take a step into the more luxurious side with a K&H Coolin' Comfort Bed. This orthopedic bed fills with water and uses an adjustable air valve to provide the ultimate in canine comfort.

Your dog might also love the K&H Coolin' Pet Cot with a cooling center. Get the K&H Pet Cot Canopy to go with it, so your dog can relax in the shade.

3. Car Travel Products

If your dog loves riding in the car with you, then make his birthday trip more fun with the right car seat. The Bucket Booster Pet Seat elevates your dog so he can get a better view out the window while providing foam cushions to keep him safe. For the smallest of dogs, try the Hangin' Bucket Booster Pet Seat - Toy Breed.

Another popular option is the Buckle n' Go Pet Seat for medium and large dogs. It has a mesh window, attaches to the seatbelt and comes with straps that loop around the headrest.

4. Bike and Backpack Carriers

Some dogs prefer biking or hiking instead of riding in a car. This is easy enough if you have a larger dog. As long as you train your dog to run with you while you're biking, you'll both have a lot of fun. If you have a smaller dog, surprise her with extra accommodations for a special birthday adventure.

The Travel Bike Basket mounts to the front of your bicycle and includes the front mount. If you prefer to attach it to the rear of your bike, you can purchase the rear mount separately. It comes with a zipper pocket for storing leashes and treats, along with a mesh pocket for water bottles. You can even get a Travel Bike Basket Hood with mesh windows that fits on top.

Another popular option is the Travel Bike Backpack. Not only does the backpack mount to the front of your bicycle, but you can also carry it with you once you reach your destination.

If you don't plan on biking at all, another stylish option is the K&H Shoulder Sling Pet Carrier. The carrier has mesh windows and can be safely buckled into your car too.

5. Chew Toys and Interactive Games

No birthday is complete without new toys for your dog. Your pup will be thrilled to play tug-of-war with the Power Play Tug-a-Ball 2-in-1 Ball and Tug Toy. Or you can play fetch with the Power Play Fling-a-Bounce Interactive Dog Toy.

If your dog loves to chew, try the Moderate Chill & Chew Toy, which has pockets that can be filled with soft treats or spreadable pastes like peanut butter. Or add his favorite treats to the Strong MAX Cone Stuffable Dog Chew Toy for endless birthday fun.

6. Orthopedic and Memory Foam Beds

Treat your dog like royalty by surprising her on her birthday with a memory foam bed. The Memory Sleeper is designed for indoor use, has a washable cover and supports dogs of all sizes. Another popular choice is the Superior Orthopedic Quilt-Top Bed, which comes with an extra layer for added comfort.

7. Heated Beds

If your home gets a little chilly, then your dog will adore a new heated bed for his Gotcha Day. You can get varieties that don't need electricity, like the Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper or the Self-Warming Nuzzle Nest.

If you want to provide your pup with a little more heat, consider a bed that plugs in and warms to your dog's natural body temperature. The Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper has a washable cover and removable heater, plus sidewalls for a sense of security. Another option is a heated and water-filled bed, like the Thermo-Water Bolster Bed. (The heater can be removed in the summer.)

If your dog's outside on chilly days, consider a Deluxe Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed. If you want your pup to have a bed with a cover, the Thermo Tent Gray is a popular choice.

8. Comfy Pads for Dogs Who Love Crates

Does your dog love sleeping in a crate? Make her crate extra comfy for her birthday with a Deluxe Bolster Crate Pad, which comes in four sizes and has ultra-plush fleece. The Memory Foam Crate Pad comes in five sizes and has a microfleece cover.

9. Healthy Birthday Treats

After you've played with all your dog's new toys, finish the day with healthy treats. You could bake your pup homemade snacks or visit the local doggie bakery for something special.1 Or order ahead and treat your pup to Healthy Edibles' Bacon Buddies or All-Natural Long Lasting Roast Beef Dog Chew Treats.

Whether it's your dog's birthday or Gotcha Day, it's a reason to celebrate. Swimming in his new pool, chasing interactive toys or lounging in a comfy bed are great ways to celebrate the start of another wonderful year together.

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