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K&H Coolin' Bowl - Cooling Water Bowl for Pets

Original price $34.99
Current price $24.98
  • With powerful cooling, this is the only pet cooling bowl that keeps water fresh and cold for up to 15 hours to help keep pets cool and hydrated all day long
  • Cooling water bowl can be used indoors and outdoors, does not use electricity and is BPA free
  • Great for home or on the go, indoors or outdoors, simply activate the cooling crystals by filling the interior with water once; then freeze the bowl each night
  • Available in two sizes, great for any size cat or dog to keep their water cool all day
  • 1-year warranty


The Coolin’ Bowl is the ultimate in refreshing, cool water. Activate cooling crystals by filling the interior with water before first use. Then simply freeze this bowl overnight in the freezer and pets can enjoy over 15 hours of cooled water. Perfect for working pet parents, beach trips, camping, traveling, etc.

Keep your pet's water fresh and cool, hassle-free for longer periods of time this summer using the K&H Coolin’ Bowl. The unique inner gel core and double walled insulation keeps water frozen for up to and even longer than 15 hours!

The design is incredibly simple and requires no electricity. Upon purchase fill the inner core with water using the plug on the underside. This will activate the Coolin’ Gel Crystals. Then give it a good shake to distribute evenly and place in freezer overnight. In the morning just add water and set outside in a cool, shaded area to offer maximum cooling longevity. For even longer cooling power K&H suggests adding an inch of water in the bowl at night before freezing – the ice will help keep water cooler even longer for your pets in hot weather. Large 96-ounce bowl will provide fresh water all day long for your pets.

Perfect for working parents, and great for indoor and outdoor use, and even for travel to the beach, out camping, etc. Because of the unique gel crystals powering the bowl, hand-wash only.

Caution: Due to extreme coolness, the bowl will sweat, so please protect your floors.

BPA Free, 100% Non-toxic

One-year limited warranty

Care & Instructions

Simple to use - No electricity design

Activating your K&H Coolin' Bowl

Remove the rubber plug from the bottom of the bowl and fill the interior of the bowl with water. Replace the rubber plug and check that it is snugly in the hole to seal.

Vigorously shake the bowl for ten seconds to activate the Cool Crystals. Let the bowl rest for 45 minutes to allow crystal expansion. Your bowl is now activated and ready for freezing.

Using Your Cooling Bowl

Place the Coolin' Bowl in your freezer until completely frozen. For added cooling power for up to 5 more hours, fill the bowl with 1" of water and then freeze.

Fill with cold water and be sure to place in a shaded area.