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K&H Coolin' Comfort Bed

Original price $69.99
Current price $34.95
  • Orthopedic comforting cooling dog bed provides the ultimate support for arthritis, hip dysplasia, excessive panting, and more
  • Powerful cooling dog bed uses no electricity and contains no toxic gels; it wicks heat out of your pet and releases it into the air, keeping fido or kitty cool
  • Dog cooling bed is recommended for indoor and outdoor use, just add water to provide consistent orthopedic cooling comfort for your pet
  • Soothing orthopedic foam core aids in medical recovery and cooling surface helps most skin conditions
  • This orthopedic cooling pet bed is available in 3 sizes to keep most any pet cool
  • 2-year warranty
 Not recommended for destructive pets


K&H’s most comfortable cooling bed to date!

No electricity is required to operate the orthopedic Coolin’ Comfort Bed.

Attractively designed to provide a cool spot for dogs. Simply add water just once through the easy fill cap and adjust comfort with the easy air valve.

The orthopedic bed aids in medical recovery, skin conditions, calloused elbows, arthritis, excessive panting, and hip dysplasia.

The K&H Coolin’ Comfort Bed is the affordable choice for any dog owner looking to offer their pet a comfy, dry, cool place to relax.

  • Contains no toxic gels.
  • Tough nylon/vinyl exterior.
  • Recommended for indoor and outdoor use. 
  • 2-year limited warranty.

Care & Instructions

Cleaning or Storing

The surface can be cleaned using a damp towel or sponge and mild dish washing detergent. DO NOT wash in a washing machine.

Grapefruit seed extract is an all natural, non-toxic antibacterial. Add it to the water when filling and place a few drops in before storing to help prevent bacterial growth.

How to Use the Coolin' Comfort Bed

The best results will be obtained when used in a shady area. When using outdoors, always place the Coolin' Comfort Bed in a shady, cool spot, as this will maximize its heat wicking abilities. Be sure not to place the bed on sharp objects that could puncture the Coolin' Comfort Bed . Keeping the Coolin' Comfort Bed indoors overnight near air conditioning will super cool the bed for outdoor use the next morning. When using indoors, be sure to place the Coolin' Comfort Bed out of direct sunlight. The cooler the spot you place the Coolin' Comfort Bed, the better. An ideal place would be a cool tile, linoleum or concrete floor. An area with good air movement will also help keep the bed cooler. You will soon figure out the best location for your new Coolin' Comfort Bed, and your pet will love you for it!

Important Safeguards

  • Have your dog’s nails routinely trimmed to prevent accidental punctures.
  • The Coolin' Comfort Bed should be placed on a smooth surface that cannot cause punctures, abrasions or leakage.
  • Routinely check under your Coolin' Comfort Bed for moisture.
  • Never use the Coolin' Comfort Bed in direct sunlight. Always place in shade, as direct sun will warm the Coolin' Comfort Bed.
  • Always place the Coolin' Comfort Bed out of the way of foot traffic.
  • Never allow the Coolin' Comfort Bed to freeze.
  • The Coolin' Comfort Bed is not intended to be a life saving device.
  • This product is to be used in temperatures under 100° Fahrenheit.

Product Q&A

I lost the red fill cap. How do I obtain a replacement cap?

No problem! Please contact support for assistance.

K&H Coolin' Comfort Bed  fill cap

How much water should I put in the Coolin' Comfort Bed ?

We recommend the following quantities of water:

  • Small
    • Minimum: 6 quarts or 1.5 gallons
    • Maximum: 10 quarts or 2.5 gallons
  • Medium
    • Minimum: 10 quarts or 2.5 gallons
    • Maximum: 14 quarts or 3.5 gallons
  • Large
    • Minimum: 16 quarts or 4 gallons
    • Maximum: 24 quarts or 6 gallons

How do I keep the water inside the Coolin' Comfort Bed cold?

We recommend keeping the Cool Bed out of direct sunlight and placing it in the shade, whether outdoors or indoors. If you do this, the bed's unique cool core will keep the water cool.

Does the Coolin' Comfort Bed have a weight limit?

No, there is not a weight limit for the Coolin' Comfort Bed .

How is the Coolin' Comfort Bed constructed and how does it compare to similar products from other brands?

Our Coolin' Comfort Bed has a heavy vinyl backing, is soft and pliable, and also has a nylon coating. Our competitors' vinyl is often very stiff.

Where does the water go?

There is a cap on the underside of the Cool Pad. Remove this cap and fill the bed with water.

How often do I need to refill the Cool Bed?

You do not need to refill the Cool Bed.

Is this product puncture-proof?

While the Coolin' Comfort Bed has heavy duty vinyl backing and most people use it without experiencing a puncture, it is not puncture-proof.

Would this work for cats too?

Since dogs and cats have the same body temperature, any of our dog products will work for cats as well. Other customers have used it for that cats without any issues, but please be aware that a cat’s claws could possibly puncture the bed.