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Distraction-free travel with dog in a Bucket Booster car seat by K&H Pet

Safe Travels with Your Dog

Imagine the road trip of a lifetime: just you, your dog, the open road and spectacular views. Riding along iconic highways, windows down, fresh breezes blowing on your face and your precious pup sitting perfectly still in the backseat enjoying the journey. Wait! What?

safe travels starts with a seat for your pup 

While some dogs may be able to sit still and remain calm during a long car ride, many dogs tend to wander around a vehicle's interior, trying desperately to nestle with their favorite person — you, the driver.

Creating a "Distraction-Free Zone" for Your Pet

While you might enjoy your furry friend's snuggles, driving with a roaming animal might not be the safest option. Why? Because an unrestrained dog is a distraction — a distraction that can cause impaired and potentially hazardous driving1 that may lead to an accident.

According to an observational study by Volvo Car USA and The Harris Poll, both unsafe driving behaviors and the time drivers were distracted more than doubled when a pet was unrestrained in the car.2

Volvo notes in their "Keeping Pets Safe on the Road" report, that "77% [of Americans say] 'people don't take vehicular dog safety seriously enough.'"3

An excited or anxious dog might try to burrow around your feet or pace back and forth while intensely wagging her tail across your face. While loving and playful, these instinctual antics can create a disturbance, or worse, a wreck.

If the idea of a furry distraction while driving doesn't excite you, good news! You've got many options to help ensure your precious pup remains contained, restrained and seated instead of sitting in your lap or exploring your car's interior.

Pro Tip: Not all pet car seats are created equal. Some will keep your dog contained but won't keep your dog restrained. Look for a seat that has attached security tethers (aka clips or leads) to keep your buddy more secure while traveling.

Seating Options for Your Pet

If you're looking for a comfy seating option for your dog, the new Bucket Booster Rectangle Pet Seat (Knock Down) might be the perfect fit. This roomy seat allows your furry BFF to sit in the front passenger seat or backseat. The seat is so spacious that it has room for two small dogs to sit side-by-side. The Rectangle Booster Pet Seat comes with two adjustable security tethers that attach to a dog's harness (not included) for added protection. In addition, your dog will sit up high and comfortably on the 3-inch foam cushion, ensuring he won't miss the scenic views.

Of course, adventurous travel doesn't always occur in the summer months. If you choose to travel or camp during the fall or winter, you might consider the Bucket Booster Pet Seat (Knock Down) heated version that comes with a 7-watt travel heater. Yes, your furry traveling companion can have a heated seat! The 6-foot cord can attach to either side of the seat and is compatible with USB Type-A outlets, so your pup can enjoy a wintery excursion while remaining warm and toasty.

Both K&H seating options are collapsible, so they can be stored easily at home or in the trunk of your car. Collapsibility also means a smaller carbon footprint for shipping — and for eco-conscious consumers, this is a win-win.

Car Safety for All

The key to traveling safely with your dog is in the planning. Keeping everyone seated and calm is essential when traveling by car, but it can also be a legal issue. Many states have specific laws regarding how you travel with pets. Before you take a trip with your dog, be sure to research the travel laws and restrictions for any states you may visit or drive through.

Your road trip will be so much more enjoyable for both of you when your canine companion has a designated space to settle into. After a pleasant car ride, consider a relaxing hike or quality time at a nearby park — your options are endless.

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