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Does My Dog Need a Pet Pool?

Does My Dog Need a Pet Pool?

The dog days of summer! That phrase dates back to ancient times when people believed that Sirius — the “dog star" — was responsible for summer's heat. Today, the “dog days of summer" is a nice reminder that our dogs need special attention when it's hot outside. And there's a super-easy way to help your dog cool off — with a pet pool.

 Dogs love pet pools! Find out whether a pet pool will help your dog stay cool and regulate its body temperature this summer.

Dogs and Heat Don't Mix

Before we talk about pet pools, let's talk about dogs and summer heat. Dogs aren't super effective at staying cool on their own when conditions get hot. As humans, we can sweat when we overheat, but dogs pretty much rely on respiratory cooling — or panting. Panting lowers a dog's body temperature by getting rid of moisture and dispersing heat.1 But on hot, humid days, panting may not be enough to keep your dog cool. Some of the signs2 that your dog may be overheating include:

  • Heavy panting
  • Increased respiratory rate
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Drooling
  • Lethargy

Cool Off With a Pet Pool

If you usually keep your pup indoors on very warm days (over 80°F) to prevent overheating, you don't have to be stuck indoors! A pet pool can let your dog enjoy some playtime and exercise outside while keeping her cooled off at the same time. Water conducts heat more effectively than air and can cool a body four times faster, so filling your pet pool with cool water sweetens the deal. Hanging out in the pet pool on a hot day can help your dog regulate her body temperature. 

When choosing a pet pool for your pup, select a pool specifically designed for dogs. Consider a pet pool that's easy to set up and disassemble when not in use. You'll be more likely to use the pool if set up and tear down is simple. Choose durable, dog-specific materials that can help prevent slips and tears. Size is a factor, too. The K&H Pet Pool comes in three sizes and uses extra-tough, non-slip, durable vinyl giving you options based on your dog's size and energy level.

And for those bright and sunny days, do Fido a favor and pick up an accompanying canopy, which helps prevent pollen, dirt and leaves from invading your pup's poolside paradise. A canopy also functions as a sunshade, keeping the water — and your pooch — cooler.

Some Dogs Are Just Natural Water Hounds

Poodles, retrievers and spaniels4 love nothing better than getting in the water. But even water-shy dogs can be encouraged to play, splash and “dig" in the shallow water of a pet pool. Add to the fun and encourage your pet to give the water a try by offering a tasty treat when they agree to dip a paw or use fun toys to attract them into the pool. Then let the good times roll! Between quick games of water fetch and batting around floating toys, a pet pool provides your dog with a lot of fun and enjoyment, and you'll have a blast watching them. (And maybe taking some hilarious photos and videos for social media!)

Bath Time Made Easy

Bathing your dog indoors in a bathtub may be unavoidable during cold weather, leading to quite a mess. But on warm days, your doggy pet pool can pull double duty as a canine bathtub. The major upside here is that all the dog shampoo, hair, dirt and debris stays outdoors in the yard instead of all over the bathroom. Plus, your pet pool is a safe and practical place to bathe your dog since it's already designed specifically for canine use — a good height, with doggy-safe materials. Regular bathing makes basic grooming easier and softens your dog's nails to make trimming easier.

Keep Pool Time Safe and Enjoyable

Even though a pet pool is pretty shallow, supervision is still key to safety. Plan to hang out with your dog and watch her while she enjoys some pool time, always ensuring she doesn't get too hot or cold. Remember, the water may be quite cold as it comes out of the hose, but equilibrium will catch up, and the water might actually become too hot if it's in the sun. Periodically check on the water temperature to make sure this doesn't happen.

Finally, be sure to empty the pool of water when your dog is done enjoying it, so it can properly dry out and stay mildew-free. The K&H Pet Pool features a drain plug, making draining the pool super easy. Emptying the pool will also eliminate the chance that other animals or children will approach the pool unattended. A simple cleanup means the pool will be ready for more fun tomorrow.

Summer is only as fun as you make it! When you create a fun oasis, you and your furry BFF can enjoy the summertime days without being stuck in your air-conditioned living room. With the right pet pool, you and your pup can enjoy the outdoors without overheating. So when the mercury begins to rise, plan a pool party and splash the heat away. Fun in the sun awaits!

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