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a dog relaxes on a pet cot

5 Reasons a Pet Cot is the Best Dog Bed for Summer

Pet parents often first think of softness or the "snuggle factor" when choosing a new dog bed. But have you noticed a prevalence of pet cots? They are the new "it" bed for good reason. More than just a comfy place to hang, pet cots offer versatility in use while fitting every aspect of your lifestyle. Here are five reasons to consider a pet cot for your furry friends this summer.

a dog relaxes on a pet cot

1. Elevated

An elevated bed allows air to circulate freely, which keeps your little buddy cool and comfortable. The K&H All Weather Pet Cot features durable, moisture-repellent mesh that supports up to 200 pounds (medium and large sizes) and 300 pounds in the XL size! Dogs have a tough enough time cooling off in extreme heat, so breathable mesh is an added bonus. And if your dog is a water hound that loves the outdoors, you'll both appreciate having a place for him to relax while drying off after a swim.

2. Lightweight and Easy-to-Assemble

Some pet cots require special tools or have complex instructions for setup. But all K&H Pet Cots are easy to assemble and tear down — no tools are needed. So you don't have to hunt for an Allen wrench or a Phillips screwdriver to put the bed together. And best yet, K&H Pet Cots are lightweight, so you can easily move the cot from indoors to your backyard and keep your pup in the middle of all the family fun.

3. Easy to Take with You

Because they're so lightweight and easy to assemble, a K&H Pet Cot is easy to take with you, whether you and your pup are headed out for a camping adventure, a day at the beach or just an afternoon picnic. Regardless if you're road trippin' in a compact car or an SUV, the pet cot will share the trunk (or cargo) space nicely with all your other trip essentials.

4. Use Indoors and Outdoors

Many pet parents want items with versatility. And who knew a pet bed could be used both indoors and outside? K&H Pet Cots are sturdy and durable. A pet cot can survive the wear and tear of daily use and the elements when used outdoors.

No-Snag Mesh

Choose a pet cot with no-snag mesh, which repels water and is engineered to last while maintaining its snag-free appearance for years to come.

Easy to Clean

As you're looking for a pet cot that works both indoors and outside, make sure it's easy to clean. The K&H cots make cleaning simple. A quick spray from the hose or a damp cloth will do the trick for minor stains. For more significant spots, remove the cover, wash in cold water and line dry. Easy peasy!

Keep Them Cool

High on the "must-have" list for any dog is a pet cot that helps keep them cool. (Hello, summer heat!) The Coolin' Pet Cot offers a squishy and refreshing surface with its K&H Coolin' Pet Pad technology. This unique cot absorbs a pet's natural body temperature of 102°F and converts it to room temperature, typically well below your dog's normal body temperature. While other cooling technologies may use harsh chemicals, toxic gels or electricity, K&H Coolin' Pet Cots are BPA-free and require nothing more than water from your tap — a natural option.

5. Fits Your Lifestyle

Whether your furry friend is a Great Dane or a Chihuahua, K&H has a variety of pet cot options — and customizable add-ons — to accommodate any season or circumstance.


You can swap out your pet cot cover on your existing pet cot, depending on your needs (or even your mood). You can coordinate with your room's decor, give your pup some extra warmth in the cooler months, provide a cooling option for warmer months or add a bit of luxury to a cot for your cat or small dog.


If your pet loves to bask in the sun, consider adding the Pet Cot Canopy to shield your pet from the summer sun. What cat or dog wouldn't enjoy some outdoor lounge time by the pool or on the deck?

Cats, too!

If you have a cat that likes to burrow, consider selecting the Hooded Elevated Cozy Cot. This cot provides a relaxing getaway for pets weighing less than 18 pounds. If your cat or dog prefers a little alone time, this cot comes with a hood that effortlessly zips on. A cat, in particular, needs solitude and a place to unwind to keep her happy and healthy, so the Cozy Cot is an excellent option for any finicky feline.

When looking for a new bed for your pet, a pet cot is a superb choice. Whether using indoors, outdoors or both, we know your furry BFF prefers to be wherever you are. And you can find a K&H Pet Cot to keep both of you happy.

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