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Give your dog a place to sleep off the ground with a K&H Pet Cot.

Do dogs like sleeping on the ground?

It's no secret your dog loves to stay close to you. This means plopping down on any available surface to keep you in his sight, whether it's the backyard patio, garage floor, living room couch, or area rug.

But what about grass, concrete, or dirt? Do dogs like sleeping on the ground?

Here's what you need to know about snooze time for your canine and a few dog bed options to keep your furry friend as comfortable as possible.

Sleepy Dog Facts

Some dogs like to mix up their bedtime and nap locations. It's not uncommon to find them rotating spots through the day and night to help regulate their temperature. For example, on a warm summer evening, the cool bathroom tile floor or a nice dirt hole dug in the yard become inviting places to rest.

If your dog is older or needs therapeutic support, he may prefer a padded sleeping surface over a hard area, such as the floor or ground outside.

Sure, some dogs enjoy curling up in the grass while you work in the yard or snooze on the concrete driveway as you wash the car, but that doesn't mean it's the most comfortable place for a long sleep — or the cleanest. Do you want your pet napping among irritating bugs, annoying allergens (pollen, grass clippings, etc.), and loose dirt that may later track into your house? An elevated dog bed used inside or outside can quickly solve these concerns.

7 Dog Cots to Consider

Dogs rest a lot! Depending on age, it's common for canines to sleep 12 to 18 hours daily. Providing a dog bed better supports your pet's joints, sets them up for quality sleep, and gives them a place to call their own, unlike the shared couch or human bed. As a bonus, all the cots mentioned in this blog are lightweight and collapse for easy storage or transportation (picnics, camping, backyard visits, etc.). Maybe one of these will work for your doggie bestie.

1. K&H Original Pet Cot

This rectangle-shaped, elevated cot allows for airflow and keeps your fur friend off the ground during sleepy time. The K&H Original Pet Cot features a mesh center for extra cooling on summer days when a more traditional fabric bed is too warm and holds heat.

K&H Original Pet Cot

2. K&H All Weather Pet Cot

This elevated dog bed with an all-mesh cover allows air circulation around your pet to keep them cool in warm weather and off the ground in cold or wet weather. Use the K&H All Weather Pet Cot in your home, outside, on camping trips, or during an afternoon park picnic. This cot is great for guard dogs and farm dogs that live outdoors.

K&H All Weather Pet Cot

3. K&H Coolin' Pet Cot

If you live in a climate with long summers full of hot weather, the K&H Coolin' Pet Cot is a must-see. This elevated bed features Coolin' Pet Pad technology, a refillable water-filled cooling center, to keep pets comfortable on warm sunny days.

K&H Coolin' Pet Cot

4. K&H Original Bolster Pet Cot

For dogs that love to snuggle into bolster beds, the K&H Original Bolster Pet Cot will generate smiles and wags. This elevated dog bed features soft, water-resistant plush bolsters around three sides for ultimate coziness.

K&H Original Bolster Pet Cot

5. K&H Pet Cot House

If you're camping, the K&H Pet Cot House shelters your pup off the ground and away from the elements. The cot house includes one entrance in the front with two side windows that open and roll up for extra airflow or can be left closed to keep heat in on cold days. The bed is water-resistant, washable, and ready for indoor or outdoor use.

K&H Pet Cot House

6. K&H Elevated Cozy Cot Pet Bed

This round, elevated bed features a folding frame design, making it a simple option to stow in the car when road-tripping or visiting a park. The K&H Elevated Cozy Cot Pet Bed is also simple to move between indoors and outdoors, giving your dog a comfy spot to lay wherever you go.

K&H Elevated Cozy Cot Pet Bed

7. K&H Hooded Elevated Cozy Cot Pet Bed

The K&H Hooded Elevated Cozy Cot Pet Bed is perfect for smaller pets (up to 18 pounds). It's partially enclosed with a soft, removable hood for pets that like a little extra privacy and security. The frame on this cot also folds for easy moving and storage when not in use.

K&H Hooded Elevated Cozy Cot Pet Bed

Elevate Your Dog's Comfort: 5 Pet Cot Accessories

Looking for the ultimate in comfort for your canine buddy? The following optional pet cot accessories can add extra warmth, a fresh update, padded coziness, or weather protection to your pet's cot. Each of these accessories fits on the K&H Original Pet Cot, K&H All Weather Cot, K&H Coolin' Pet Cot, and the K&H Self-Warming Pet Cot.

1. K&H All Weather Pet Cot Cover

This is an all-weather mesh fabric cot replacement cover. Whether you're choosing a new color to coordinate with your home decor or need to replace a well-loved existing cot cover, the K&H All Weather Pet Cot Cover is the product you need.

2. K&H Original Pet Cot Cover

This replacement cot cover is available in several colors. The K&H Original Pet Cot Cover features a breathable mesh center and is machine washable.

3. K&H Original Pet Cot Pad

If your dog loves soft, pillowy surfaces, the K&H Original Pet Cot Pad adds extra comfort to your dog's bed. The microfleece fabric is machine washable and features elastic straps to keep it in place.

4. K&H Self-Warming Pet Cot Cover

The fleece material of the K&H Self-Warming Pet Cot Cover reflects your dog's body heat back to your pup for extra warmth during chilly weather.

5. K&H Pet Cot Canopy

Finally, if your pet craves time outdoors, the K&H Pet Cot Canopy provides shade from the sun and protection from rain. The canopy is water-resistant and machine-washable. This product fits any of the rectangular K&H pet cots and pet pools.

Keeping Your Pet Happy

Sure, dogs like sleeping on the ground — occasionally. But it's best to offer your pet a dedicated, comfortable space where they can get quality shut-eye each day.

Learn more about making your dog happy in "Where Should My Dog Sleep at Night?" and "5 Reasons a Pet Cot is the Best Dog Bed for Summer."

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