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Cats cry at night for many reasons. You can help your cat be more quiet at night with these tips.

Why does my cat cry at night?

As a pet parent, there's nothing more heart-wrenching than hearing your fur baby vocalize distress. If you're wondering why does my cat cry at night, we can shed some insight into this popular and frequently asked question. And we have ideas to soothe your favorite feline. Let's turn those cries into purrs ASAP!

Cats cry at night for many reasons. You can help your cat be more quiet at night with these tips.

A Few Reasons Why Cats Cry at Night

First and foremost, your cat is crying to get your attention and communicate a need to you. Something is off in his furry little world, and he needs your help. Some common reasons cats cry out, yowl or make more noise at night include:

  • Health issues: Your cat may be in pain due to a medical concern. Common senior cat issues include high blood pressure, dementia or an overactive thyroid. A younger cat may simply be having a hormone shift and be looking for a mate. If you notice the crying worsening and/or occurring during the daytime, it's time to call the veterinarian for a professional opinion.
  • Boundary concerns: Cats are territorial. If you have multiple pets in the home, and another cat or dog is trying to get into your cat's bed or favorite sleeping spot, don't be surprised if your cat cries out to say "No!" to the invader. Cats need their own cozy spaces.
  • Feeling bored: Cats require exercise, mental stimulation and daily activities to feel content and happy. If your cat has nothing to occupy them during the day, such as pet toys, human interaction or windows to look out, he may cry at night to get your time and attention.
  • Getting acclimated: If the cat is new to your home, especially if he's a kitten, he is still adjusting to his surroundings and your rules. Your cat may cry out because he misses his old routine. With your patience, comfort and reassurance, he will soon adjust and feel at home with you.
  • Feline instincts: Cats are most active at dusk and dawn, so they come alive and start talking! You might simply have a night owl for a cat, and the cries are asks for playtime and attention. If your pet gets to go outside alone, he may also be asking you to open the door so he can roam.

Create a Safe, Comfortable Cat Environment

Pay attention to your cat, and you'll quickly learn what is needed to get her to quiet down at night. Try creating a warm, snuggly space for her to call her own at bedtime, offering a cat-only zone that isn't accessible by the family dog and planning more time together during the day to mentally wear the cat out so she's ready to catch some evening Zzzs.

Share a Warm Sleeping Space

You know how nice it is to slip under a heated blanket or lay on a heating pad. Your cat also enjoys warm, toasty sleeping options. The K&H Thermo-Kitty Bed Heated Cat Bed might be just what your pet needs to drift off to sleep. This round bed features 6-inch tall soft foam walls to make your pet feel hugged and secure.

Does your cat like to climb inside things, like a box or laundry basket, to sleep? The K&H Thermo-Mod Dream Pod (Heated & Unheated) would be a good choice for your pet. The oval pod with a round hole opening doorway surrounds your cat to create an extra dark, warm and comfortable place to snooze.

If your cat already has a bed, simply add warmth to the space by laying a K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat on top of his bed or anywhere in your home he likes to nap. This heated mat features a removable cover for easy washing.

K&H Thermo-Kitty Bed Heated Cat Bed

Offer a Secluded Cat Area

Some cats are a bit reclusive and just want their own, unshared space. If that's the case, offer a place for them to get away from the busyness of the family and other pets. Cats love to climb, so a K&H Universal Wall Mount Cat Shelf positioned on a wall in a quiet room of the home might be all it takes to quiet those nighttime cries.

Or maybe consider the one- or two-level K&H Wall Mount Cat Shelf with a sleek, high-grade steel frame. This is a great option if you want two cats to have the opportunity to be near one another in an elevated space but away from things on the floor like a wild puppy or curious toddler.

Multi-cat homes will appreciate the K&H Wall Mount Cat Shelf & Cat Hammock. This secluded cat space can accommodate up to three cats (two on shelves, one in the hammock) up to a combined weight of 35 pounds. This shelf and hammock combo is also available in one shelf and one hammock for two cats.

Is your cat happiest peering out the window, morning, noon and night? The K&H Window Lounger Kitty Sill - Single or Double Level allows your pet to birdwatch during the day and stargaze at night. This kitty sill can attach to any glass surface, including patio doors and windows, and holds up to 50 pounds.

K&H Wall Mount Cat Shelf & Cat Hammock

Encourage More Mental Stimulation

You know that playtime wears kids out, and the same holds true for pets. Maybe your talkative cat simply needs more to do during the day. In addition to ramping up the lap cuddles and playtime with favorite cat toys, offer self-guided options for your cat to explore.

We love the K&H EZ Mount Kitty Sill Cradle Scratcher. This cozy cat perch mounts to any glass window or door. The curved surface is perfect for scratching. To get your cat interested, simply sprinkle the sill with catnip (included) and watch him go wild! Two styles of scratcher refills are available: bolster style or cradle style.

Another fun way to burn off extra kitten energy is by encouraging your pet to explore the K&H Kitty Towers and K&H Cat T-Tunnel Toy - 3 Way Cat Tube. The tower comes in two- or three-story options that your cat can climb, poke their head out the holes, peek through the mesh or reach their paws out the smaller holes in the base level. The tunnel toy is great for cats that enjoy weaving their way through tight spaces. They can pause and peer out the mesh window to see what's going on in the home before continuing to explore. The tower and the tunnel can be joined to construct an extra-large cat playground.

K&H EZ Mount Kitty Sill Cradle Scratcher

Keep Your Cat Happy at Night

It's not uncommon for pets to vocalize to get your attention. Pause and assess the pet's emotional wellness and physical environment and ensure his basic needs are being met. You should quickly be able to learn what your cat needs to feel comfortable — whether it's the dinner you forgot to serve or a place to curl up and snooze away from other pets.

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