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Cats love to hang out and sleep in high places. It's an instinct among most domestic kitties.

Why do cats like high places?

Have you ever wondered why cats like high places? All cats — from majestic Maine Coons to fuzzy, friendly Ragdolls — seem irresistibly drawn to the highest spots in your home. Spying your kitty perched on top of a tall cat tree, your refrigerator or your fireplace mantle seems to be a universal experience among cat owners. Cats have fascinating reasons for seeking these lofty perches, and understanding why can help deepen your bond with your furry friend.

Cats love to hang out and sleep in high places. It's an instinct among most domestic kitties.

Their Desire for High Places Is Instinctual

Your kitty's desire to be up high is instinctual. Their wild ancestors had to climb trees to escape predators, hiding and blending among the leaves and bark. But they also climbed high to catch prey that hid among the trees' branches. In general, cats in the wild that could adapt by climbing high were more likely to survive. So it's perfectly natural this instinct runs strong in our domesticated friends.

They Feel Safer

Why do cats like to be up high? In your home, a cat perched up high has a better view of the entire room. It feels safer and can ease nervousness and worry. They have ample warning if something's off or if danger's approaching. Plus, it's a lot easier to (theoretically) catch prey if you can see it coming.

You can help meet that need for safety with the K&H Wall Mount Cat Shelf. Available in single- or double-level styles, this long-lasting perch can be mounted to any wall in your house.

K&H Wall Mount Cat Shelf Double

Tall Spaces Are Sunny and Warm

Tall places tend to be sunnier, warmer spaces. At the top of a tree, they can soak up the sun's rays. In your home, they may be in the direct line of a sunbeam. Your tiles and floor are cold, but the top of the cat tree is warm.

Window sill perches make it easier for your cat to catch those rays. The K&H Sill & Thermo-Kitty Sill is a sturdy cat window seat that can hold the heaviest of cats on its orthopedic foam base.

The K&H EZ Mount Window Kitty Sill Single Level is a different style of cat window perch whose patented design lets you fold it up when your cat's not using it, so you can still close your window shades at night.

K&H EZ Mount Window Kitty Sill Single Level

They Can Escape from Other Pets

Tall spaces might also have a very practical utility for your cat. When he's up high, your other pets can't sneak up and surprise him. He can see them before they get close. If you have a dog, a tall spot provides an instant escape where your cat can't be touched.

The K&H Universal Wall Mount Cat Shelf is a great way to help your kitty escape from the chaos of your home. You can mount the shelf to any wall, and it holds up to 35 pounds. Place it in a lower-traffic area so your cat can get some peace and quiet.

K&H Universal Wall Mount Cat Shelf

You Can Make Their High Spaces Comfy and Fun

If you notice your cat loves sleeping and relaxing up high, you'll make her dreams come true if you set up high perches in different rooms throughout your home. The K&H Wall Mount Cat Shelf & Cat Hammock provides the best of all worlds: a cat perch and a comfy cat hammock in one wall mount unit. It's reinforced with high-grade steel to make it sturdier.

K&H Wall Mount Cat Shelf & Cat Hammock

If your cat wants a little fun while enjoying the heights, try a K&H Kitty Tower, available in two- and three-story varieties. It has multiple entrances, a mesh level for easy surveillance and soft fleece for deep sleeping.

You can turn the tower into an interactive playground by attaching one of the entrances to the K&H Cat T-Tunnel Toy - 3 Way Cat Tube. Your cat might get a real case of the zoomies when dashing into the tunnel and then racing up the tower.

Cats Love High Spaces

Cats love high spaces, whether getting a quick cat nap in the sun or on patrol, watching their surroundings for unexpected events. With a few window sill perches and towers, you can make their dream spaces even more comfier and more exciting.

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