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Cats are highly intelligent and can get bored. Learn how to help your feline avoid boredom in this blog.

Is my cat bored?

Cats are incredibly intuitive, and that "genius" requires a lot of mental and physical stimulation. And because cats are notorious for being aloof and independent, how can you tell if your cat's laissez-faire attitude is typical or boredom-induced?

Cats are highly intelligent and can get bored. Learn how to help your feline avoid boredom in this blog.

You may be thinking, How can my little princess, who has everything, be bored? While it may be hard to believe, even the most pampered kitty can sometimes become bored and disinterested. Cats are natural-born hunters and problem-solvers. Indoor cats, in particular, can occasionally suffer from bouts of boredom due to a lack of mental and physical stimulation.

Cat Boredom

To spot the difference between a bored cat and one enjoying a relaxing day, look for these behaviors:

  • Loss of interest in play and/or excessive sleeping
  • Destructive behaviors such as scratching furniture
  • Sudden abnormal actions towards family members or other household pets (arching back and unwarranted hissing are two unpleasant examples)
  • Attention-seeking behaviors such as excessive meowing, overgrooming, pacing, and clingy tendencies
  • Frantic bursts of energy that seem to come out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly
  • Litterbox issues or "house soiling"

How to Prevent Cat Boredom

If your cat is suffering from boredom, don't despair! You can help your kitty overcome the boredom blues by making minor changes to your kitty's world and creating new challenges to perk your cat's interest and stimulate his brain.

  1. Rearrange your home's furnishings. Cats, like humans, enjoy a fresh take on furniture arrangement every now and then (this provides a new adventure for climbing).
  2. Switch out your cat's toys weekly or bi-weekly. This trick is an economical solution for you and an exciting treat for your furry pal because it makes old toys feel new again.
  3. Surprise your cat with an occasional treat of catnip or cat grass. Depending on your cat, catnip will either invigorate your cat or help them chill out. While too much of a good thing doesn't usually cause problems, cats can become "immune" to catnip, so don't use this as a daily treat.
  4. Spend at least 10-15 minutes a day playing with your cat. Even the most unaffectionate cat desires time with his owner, and playtime builds your loving bond with your furry feline.
  5. Offer enrichment activities like food or treat puzzles. Remember, cats enjoy hunting for their food, so let them hunt!
  6. Use a laser pointer to create an additional "hunting" experience. Be sure to end each play session with "a find," such as a toy or treat. Without a reward, cats can get frustrated with laser tag.
  7. Add indoor climbing and tunneling opportunities. These encourage natural feline behaviors.

Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

Cats love to tunnel, hide and sneak around. In the wild, they use nature's landscape to shield themselves from potential enemies and prey. The K&H Cat T-Tunnel Toy - 3 Way Cat Tube offers your cat hours of exercise, amusement and feline frolicking. This product offers three spacious polyester tunnels and a mesh window for spying. And the tunnel collapses in seconds, so storing and traveling is a breeze.

The K&H Cat Straight Tunnel Toy Cat Tube can be used alone or connected to the 3-Way Cat Tube or Tower. The durable, straight polyester tunnel can withstand years of play.

For the ultimate hide-and-seek experience, the K&H Kitty Tower is the perfect kitty getaway. Available in 2-story and 3-story options, your cat will enjoy this secluded climbing space. If you want to create an even larger play space, consider combining all three products for maximum adventure!

K&H Cat T-Tunnel Toy - 3 Way Cat Tube, Kitty Tower, and Straight Tunnel

Cat Trees and Hanging Towers

It's no surprise that cats love to climb and perch in odd places. To help chase boredom away indoors, create interesting vertical spaces your cat will love. The K&H Hangin' Cat Condo/Hangin' High Rise Cat Tree is a sleek design with fun and relaxation in mind. This 3- or 5-story high rise mounts on virtually any door, making it the ultimate space-saver — and perfect for apartment dwellers!

K&H Hangin' Cat Condo/Hangin' High Rise Cat Tree

The K&H Hangin' Feline Funhouse Cat Tree is another great option if space is limited. The three-level funhouse offers a center level to allow your cat to perch out in the open and spaces to view the world from a hidey-hole. Like the Hangin' Cat Condo, the High Rise Cat Tree fits virtually any door of your home.

K&H Hangin' Feline Funhouse Cat Tree

Give your kitty lofty ledges to climb with the K&H Wall Mount Cat Shelf & Cat Hammock. The cat perch and hammock are available in single or double-shelf options, but it's the free-swinging hammock, which hangs under the shelf, that your cat is sure to love!

K&H Wall Mount Cat Shelf & Cat Hammock

The K&H EZ Mount Window Kitty Sill Single Level is an elegant seating option for the sun-seeking kitty. Giant push 'n' turn suction cups provide incredible strength — strong enough to support 50 pounds of furry love. Your cat can bathe in the sun's rays all day long! For added enrichment, consider adding the K&H EZ Mount Scratcher. The scratcher also attaches to your home's window with suction cups, offering an additional perk to just about any window seat.

K&H EZ Mount Window Kitty Sill Single Level

If sunbathing and grooming energize your cat, consider the 2-in-1 K&H EZ Mount Kitty Sill Cradle Scratcher or the K&H EZ Mount Kitty Sill Scratcher. Both scratchers mount easily to any glass surface and include free catnip. And interchangeable refills are available (in bolster and cradle options) and fit either frame, so you can switch back and forth between the cradle and mount easily.

K&H EZ Mount Kitty Sill Cradle Scratcher

Save Your Cat from Hours of Boredom

Cats sometimes get a bad rap for being lazy and persnickety. But as any cat parent knows, that's simply not true! Understanding your cat is key, and being aware of unhealthy behaviors and how to handle them is essential for keeping your cat attentive and happy for years to come.

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