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  • These steps will help you convince your skittish outdoor cats to take shelter in your warm cat house.
    January 6, 2023

    How to get a feral cat to use a cat house

    You only want the best for the feral cats near you, including keeping them warm when the winter weather gets extra cold. But how can you tempt a skittish outdoor cat into your cozy shelter? We'll walk you through steps to help make sure your outdoor kitties are toasty and snug.
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  • By planning in advance and giving your kitty a safe space to retreat to, you can help keep your cat calm on Halloween.
    October 17, 2022

    13 Top Tips for Keeping Your Cat Calm During Halloween

    While you may love ghosts and goblins this time of year, all that scary stuff isn't fun for your cat. So how can you keep your precious, purrfect feline happy during the Halloween season? These tips will help your cat stay calm and even help the two of you grow a closer bond.
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  • Your cat may look really cute when he hides. But while it's often normal, hiding can sometimes be a sign of other issues.
    July 28, 2022

    Why Is My Cat Hiding?

    Cats are naturally driven to hide. But sometimes hiding is a sign of other issues. Here's how to know why your cat is hiding and how you can help her feel safe.
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