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A cat window perch gives a feline friend views of the outside world.

Window Life: Give Your Cat the Easy Life with EZ Mount

It's a truth known to cats and their families (aka, "staff") everywhere: cats love windows. As a dutiful pet parent, you probably let your feline friend take over prime real estate in your home to accommodate his need to climb, sun himself — and live his best life — in the window. And before you know it, your desktop, favorite chair or that beautiful dining room table that took months to save for has become a cat window perch.

Let's look at why cats love windows and how you can help them "scratch that itch" while reclaiming your rightful seat at the table, desk or chair.

Cats Love to Climb

If you've had your cat for more than a minute, you know one of her favorite activities is to climb things. But why does your kitty enjoy climbing? Experts believe a cat's love of heights gives her the perfect advantage when hunting and offers her protection while resting. Giving your cat a window perch can fulfill that innate need while providing her with a view of the outside world. So, your cat can spot "danger" (your Goldendoodle or toddler looking for playtime fun) long before it reaches her.

a cat views the world from her easy mount window bed

The Perfect Spot for Cat Naps

You're correct if you think your kitty sleeps most of the day! On average, cats sleep 16 hours a day1 — that's a lot of cat naps! One of the best places to sleep is near a window, where a cat can hide away from the world and enjoy the benefits of the sun's warmth during the day. Because a cat's body temperature drops while sleeping, the sun's rays help regulate his temperature.

Enhance your cat's napping sessions with a bed that fits right in the window. If your cat enjoys the posh life, find one that comes with a soft, plush cushion, like the window bed above. Or, combine naptime and playtime with a window mount that doubles as a scratcher.

If you prefer a minimalist approach, check out the Kitty Sill - EZ Window Mount, which is also available in a double stack option for the multi-cat family. This low-profile design folds up, so it won't hinder the use of your blinds or drapes.

Dinner with a View

Making mealtime special is easy if you're willing to think outside the box. Give your cat a "taste of the window life" with the Up & Away Diner. This unique bowl attaches to the window allowing your cat to dine above the masses keeping her food out of your dog's (or toddler's) reach. A giant suction cup provides incredible strength — giving you peace of mind that your kitty will dine in safety. Your back will also thank you since you no longer have to bend over to refill the bowl.

A cat eats in peace from his window perch with a view of the outside world

A Place to Sneak Away

If you've ever lost your cat in the house, you'll agree that cats are masters at hiding. "Your cat may prefer small, enclosed spaces too, particularly when asleep ... This comes from the need to feel protected."2 It's in their DNA. The EZ Mount Window Pod provides "aerial advantage" and a snug place to hang while remaining hidden from predators and adoring fans alike. As an alternative, the "bubble pod" (below) gives her a secure place to hide, while you can keep an eye on her too.

give your cat a place to sneak away and enjoy the view

A Free "Channel" for Your Cat

The world outside your window is about as good as it gets when it comes to entertainment for your feline friend. The EZ Mount Penthouse can be your cat's private entertainment room, where he can watch birds, squirrels and other wild things on a loop from the comfort of his own space. It's like "cat TV" all day long!

Cats crave a window perch. And now you can keep yours happy and engaged where she wants to be the most. Whether you're pampering one cat or multiple cats, the Kitty Sills & EZ Mount Line has a variety of clever, convenient and space-saving products to consider. (No more trying to figure out where to put that bulky cat tower!) Strong suction cups mount securely and safely to almost any window. Truly a win for both you and your furry friend.

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