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Dogs can get fur all over your car if you're not prepared ahead of time.

How Do I Protect My Car from Dog Hair?

You love going on adventures with your dog, especially as the weather gets warmer. But how can you protect your car from dog hair and dog scratches? There are many products and techniques you can use to help dog-proof your car and make sure his fur doesn't end up getting everywhere.

Dogs can get fur all over your car if you're not prepared ahead of time.

Keep Your Dog in Just One Part of Your Car

For your dog's and your own safety, you want to restrict your pup to just one part of the car while driving. If you give your dog free reign, he could get hurt if you need to make a sudden stop. On top of that, he might try to get in your lap or cower at your feet and get in the way of the brakes while you're driving. Not only does restricting his movement help keep all his fur from getting everywhere, but it also keeps you both a lot safer.

Try using a bucket seat that is secured with a seatbelt. The Bucket Booster Pet Seat (or the Realtree Edge design) elevates your pet so he can see outside more easily while keeping him restrained. It fits in the front or back seat and has a removable, washable cover. The Hangin' Bucket Booster Pet Seat is a similar style but designed for toy-sized breeds.

Remember to never leave your dog alone in the car since cars can overheat fast and put your pup in danger.

Try Cargo or Seat Covers

A seat or cargo cover is another great way to keep dog fur from getting all over your car. If your pup will spend some time in the cargo area of an SUV during your journey, try a Quilted Cargo Cover or the K&H Bolster Cargo Cover. The quilted cover is designed for your dog's comfort, and it includes pockets for brushes, toys, and leashes, and comes in two sizes. The bolster cover has a travel bag for easy storage. Both covers can be spot-cleaned with soapy water and line dried.

If you want your pup to be extra comfy, use the Travel/SUV bed with a cargo cover. It's water-resistant and has a non-slip fabric at the bottom to help it stay in place.

A seat cover is a good way to protect your back seat from fur and dirt. The Car Seat Saver stops your dog from moving to the front of the car, and it's water-resistant. It covers the back seat and floorboards and loops over the back seat headrests, so it protects the entire back of your car. Or you can try the Deluxe Car Seat Cover, which comes in two sizes and is made of water-resistant, double-ply nylon. It has a removable flap to keep your dog in the back seat and a pocket to store toys and leashes.

Door Protectors Can Guard Against Scratches

You might also need a door protector if your dog is prone to scratching a lot. The Vehicle Door Protector stays in place even when operating windows. One package contains two protectors.

Clean Your Car Right Away

If your pup has an accident while you're on your trip, you want to clean it up immediately. The Wee Wee Carpet and Fabric Stain and Odor Destroyer is a great way to take care of smelly accidents fast.

Once you're back home after a trip, try cleaning your car right away before smells set in.1 Sometimes vacuuming is enough to get rid of odors, though you may need to use a wet rubber glove or lint brush to pick up extra-stubborn fur. If a smell is tough to get rid of, try sprinkling a little baking soda on the seats and letting it sit for a few hours. A pet-safe carpet shampoo designed to destroy odors can also help.

Dog proofing your car before you and your pup go on adventures together can make cleaning up later a lot less stressful. This includes routine grooming. Don't forget to get your dog groomed or use a de-shedding brush before you head out. This can drastically cut down on how much fur he sheds while in your car. By preparing in advance with the right supplies, you can make life a lot easier for you and your pup.

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