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Dogs can get a little excited this time of year. Giving your pup time outside might help keep him calm for Halloween.

13 Top Tips for Keeping Your Dog Calm During Halloween

The spookiest time of year is here! But while you're having fun with parties and trick-or-treating, your dog may not enjoy the celebration quite as much. How can you keep your dog calm during Halloween festivities? It starts with putting together a comfy "safe space" for him and giving him distracting and fun alternatives.

Dogs can get a little excited this time of year. Giving your pup time outside might help keep him calm for Halloween.

1. Teach Your Dog the "Place" Command

A dog's stress can get worse when the doorbell rings over and over. Giving your pup a quiet place to settle down can be just the distraction he needs. So before the big holiday, teach your dog the "place" command. This simply means that you train your dog to go to a specific spot, like a bed or cot, when you say "place" or when the doorbell rings.

Check out our guide with step-by-step instructions on how to teach "place." You'll want to start training right away so your fuzzy bestie has time to get ready for the big night.

Make sure you have a nice spot picked out that he'll go to whenever you say "place." A cot like the K&H Original Pet Cot is a great option.

2. Give Your Pup a Safe Room

When you're exploring how to calm a stressed-out dog, one of the best things you can do is provide a safe space she can retreat to when guests are over. This is especially important for extra-nervous pets that simply can't adjust to all that hustle and bustle of a party.

The safe room should be far away from the action. Make sure the room has food and water bowls, some of your pup's favorite toys and an extra-comfy bed, like the K&H Cuddle Cube Pet Bed or the K&H Elevated Cozy Cot Pet Bed. Be sure to visit every now and then for potty breaks and cuddles.

3. Take Your Dog for a Walk Before the Festivities

Dogs may feel extra nervous if they have a lot of pent-up energy. Take your furry bestie for a walk before the festivities begin to get all the wiggles out. A little exercise, a game of fetch or a quick jog around the neighborhood can do wonders.

4. Play Background Noise in Your Dog's Safe Space

When you're trying to figure out how to keep a dog calm, playing a little soothing background noise in your dog's safe space can help. Try a white noise machine, fan, fountain or even calming classical music.

5. Remind Puppies of Their Mothers' Love

If your fuzzy friend is puppy-aged, she might feel comforted by snuggling down in a bed that mimics her mother's heartbeat. Try the K&H Mother's Heartbeat Heated Puppy Pet Bed with Bone Pillow. It's a heated bed with a heartbeat device that comes with three different "beats per minute" options based on breed size.

6. Try Orthopedic or Heated Beds

Some dogs might feel calmer if they have a heated or orthopedic dog bed to retreat to. Orthopedic beds provide a more supportive base for sensitive or achy pups. The K&H Ortho Bolster Sleeper Pet Bed has three inches of foam, topped with soft microfleece.

Dog bed heating pads can also be comforting, keeping your pup toasty warm on a cool autumn night. The K&H Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Dog Bed comes in two sizes and has side walls for a greater sense of security.

If you want to combine both features into one bed, try the K&H Thermo-Ortho Bed. It has dual orthopedic foam layers and a heater that keeps it warmer than the surrounding air temperature.

7. Distract Your Dog With Treats and Toys

Distractions can help nervous dogs. A well-timed treat, an engaging chew toy or an interactive treat toy might be all Fido needs to settle down and enjoy the night. Your guests might want to give your dog treats too!

8. Try Calming Products

Sometimes calming products can help ease your pet's nervousness. Some dog owners like to use calming vests or shirts that essentially give dogs gentle pressure across their bodies, like a hug.

You can also try calming chews, which are filled with ingredients to support stress. You might also try calming dog toys, like stuffed animals with calming pheromones or heart simulations.

9. Let Your Dog Enjoy the Outdoors if the Weather's Good

Is the weather nice outside? Do you have a secure and safe backyard your dog loves? Sometimes the best solution is to just let your pup play outside during your party.

10. Keep Your Dog in a Crate

Some dogs naturally gravitate to crates and feel safer there. If your pup is like this, consider letting him stay in his crate during the party or trick-or-treating. He might be happy tucked safely away from all the commotion. Line the bottom with a K&H Self-Warming Crate Pad for extra comfort.

11. Not Every Dog Wants a Costume

Sure, it's Halloween, but that doesn't mean dressing up your dog is the right choice. It really depends on your canine buddy's personality. Some dogs love playing dress-up. But for others, it will only make them uneasy.

12. Give Your Guests Tips on Interacting with Your Dog

Help calm your dog's nerves by smoothing the introductions when your guests arrive. Advise your guests to be calm when they meet your pup, holding their hands out gently during the initial greeting. Hand them treats to give to Fido. If they're bringing children, make sure the kids know not to tease or pull on your dog.

13. Welcome Trick-or-Treaters Outside

It might be easier on everyone if you welcome your trick-or-treaters outside while you leave your fluffy friend indoors. You can enjoy the night, waving to all the kids as they pass by, and your dog doesn't have to deal with the excitement.

Keeping your dog calm during the Halloween season is all about love and compromise. Give your furry bestie what he needs, whether it's time alone in a safe space or a run outdoors. The extra TLC will help you both have a more peaceful fall season.

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