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Exercise your Pet

Exercise your Pet: Simple Solutions & Easy Answers

What we perceive as a daily activity with our favorite furbabies sometimes seems like an ordinary process. Yet it’s often overlooked given our overwhelming daily tasks and busy schedules. It seems so normal, like an everyday occurrence, but whether we’re walking our dogs on a daily level or playing with the cats whenever we get home, it’s almost routine.

Or is it?

Sometimes we forget about many different aspects when it comes to the overall health of our companion animals. Sometimes this concept is in serious jeopardy when we overlook their overall well being. With the possibility of weight gain due to diminishing activity levels, too many treats, table scraps … all of this can lead to the early onset of dangerous diseases like diabetes and heart conditions that are putting all of us in jeopardy when we’re not exercising enough.


While our nation (along with the worldwide populations) continues to grow in size and stature (pun intended), obesity levels are also rising exponentially especially considering the growing girth of our pets. It’s being passed down to both our children and animals within today’s society. With the day-to-day grind we all experience, sometimes we seem to be more accustomed to the coach then we are to being active outdoors.

Thankfully there are some simple solutions available to help ease this rising threat. While we’re at work, attending school, running errands, etc., we often leave our animals at home. Left their own devices, this can be a time when they could get destructive, Thankfully, there are interactive venues available that include:

  • Contained Cat Toys: These will help to keep these playful puddy-tats involved, entertained and engaged during your absence. They can play-and-play the entire time while you're away. Given the opportunity to follow some enticing object inside a track will keep them away from finding other mischief around the house. 
  • Daily Doggie Downtime: Although this type of a bed might seem counterintuitive to the subject matter at hand or like an excuse for a nap, but it’s also a way for them to wait patiently for their playtime. Both dogs and cats sleep an inordinate amount of time during the day so giving them a comfy place to nap can also be helpful.

For more ways you can keep your canine and cat entertained, exercised and more active, check out this infographic simply titled, “Exercise Your Pet,” for some bright, often overlooked ways to keep your pets perfectly content and active. Whether you’re with them or not, we can still ensure they’re, healthy and full of spunk.

Exercise your Pet Infographic

Emily Ridgewell
Emily Ridgewell is an arts professional and a pet enthusiast from sunny LA. Emily has a creative energy and an aesthetic sense of living, where everything beautiful is worth sharing. She loves her Yorkie Olivia and writes original and fun articles on ways to learn and improve your pet-best friend’s life. She finds exciting new things to explore and experience! Don’t forget to connect with her in Twitter: @ridgewell_j
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