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A safe and cozy heated cat bed is ideal for your cat's naps on cold days.

Are Heated Cat Beds Safe?

You want your furry friend to be as warm and cozy as can be on cold winter days. A heated cat bed will ensure your favorite feline keeps the chills away whether they are resting in your home, curling up in a barn or garage or relaxing outside.

A safe and cozy heated cat bed is ideal for your cat's naps on cold days.

Bottom line: Heated cat beds can be safe if you choose quality products, follow the use instructions carefully and check on the bed regularly. Here's what you need to know.

Selecting the Best Heated Cat Bed

When shopping for a bed for your cat, check for safety certifications and features. For example, look for a cat bed that's UL or MET Safety Listed. This means they've passed testing that complies with government, regulatory and industry safety standards, ensuring they're safe to use with your pets and in your home.

It's also smart to look for a heated cat bed that can be unassembled and washed to maintain a sanitary sleeping space for your pet.

Choosing Beds for Indoor Cats

As you shop for ideas for your indoor cat, consider a round bed that cuddles your pet to keep them extra warm and held close. Check out the K&H Thermo-Snuggle Cup Heated Cat Bed, which features a soft and comfy faux fleece surround. The bed measures 14"x18" and comes in a speckled Bomber Chocolate color with tan fleece or a mottled Bomber Gray color with white fleece. Remove the heater for use in warm weather or when you need to wash the bed.

K&H Thermo-Snuggle Cup Heated Cat Bed

Or, perhaps your cat already has a favorite sleeping spot, and you simply want to add warmth to the space. You could easily turn that favorite cat bed into a heated cat nest by adding a K&H Pet Bed Warmer. Simply slide it under 1/2" of padding (such as a towel or blanket) in the desired spot, and it's ready for use. This pad-style heater includes a 5.5-foot cord so you can create a warm spot for your indoor cat (or any spoiled pet!) almost anywhere. Plus, it comes in four sizes to fit almost any cat or dog.

Does your cat love to crawl into a hideout? Then, the K&H Thermo-Lookout Pod (which resembles a miniature spaceship) is the perfect heated cat bed for frigid winter days. The pod measures 22 inches in diameter and features a clear bubble top for kitty viewing, a removable cushion and a removable heater to make it usable in all seasons. The K&H Thermo-Lookout Pod comes in Gray or Red.

Picking Cat Beds for Outdoor Pets

If you're offering up a warm sleeping spot for some special cats that stay in an outbuilding, on a deck, or outside, we have options for them too. The key is to select a heated bed designed to be used in outdoor temperatures and cleaned regularly.

The K&H Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed is rectangular-shaped and filled with soft orthopedic foam. It's designed for indoor/outdoor use. The bed features a washable fleece cover, is waterproof and has a 5.5-foot steel-wrapped cord to endure the elements and nibbling animals. This heated pet bed comes in three sizes to easily fit into an outdoor pet kennel.

If you're looking for a heated cat bed that can be mounted inside a cat house or kennel, the K&H Extreme Weather Heated Kitty Pad is black in color, comes with a free washable cover, a 5.5-foot steel-wrapped cord and is made of durable ABS plastic.

K&H Extreme Weather Heated Kitty Pad

Cat Bed Safety Tips

With all pet products, it's a good idea to regularly check and ensure they're functioning properly. (Have you read all the instructions included with the product? If not, look them up online and review them again. They include usage tips and important safeguards.) A few things to consider as you look over your cat bed:

  • Does the cat bed look good overall? (Does it look old and worn, are there tears, etc.?)

  • Do you see any chew marks on the electrical cord? (If so, it's time to replace the product to reduce the risk of electrical sparks.)

  • Is the heating element safely tucked inside the bed? Or has it been damaged and requires a replacement?

Keeping pets both cozy and safe is a top priority year-round. Cat beds can be safe if you choose products made specifically for pets and keep a close eye on their use. Learn more about caring for your favorite feline in "Can an outdoor cat become an indoor cat?" and "How to wash a cat bed."

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