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You can help your kitten adjust to life in your home after leaving their mom.

Do kittens miss their moms?

When you adopt a precious little fuzzy kitten, you want nothing more than to make sure your new baby is happy and healthy. It's perfectly understandable if you sometimes worry your kitten might miss his mother or littermates. As a loving cat parent, you can do a lot to help your kitten transition joyfully to life at your home.

You can help your kitten adjust to life in your home after leaving their mom.

Do kittens miss their moms?

When a kitten is first separated from her mom, it can be a stressful transition. She no longer has her mother to comfort her, and the sudden changes might be tough at first. Among other things, she'll miss that companionship and warmth.

Be ready with comforting pillows and beds when your kitten gets home, along with lots of cuddles from you, to help her adjust to the change in her environment. Start with a heated bed to help remind your kitten of her mom's warm touch, such as:

  • K&H Mother's Heartbeat Kitty Heart Pillow: This should be your first pillow purchase for your small, furry kitten. The heartbeat rhythm mimics her mom's heartbeat to help reduce anxiety and stress. This can turn any area into a soothing environment.
  • K&H Thermo-Pet Nest Heated Cat Bed: This heated bed "cave" is the perfect place for your kitten to snuggle and feel safe when she needs a little time alone. It warms to your cat's body temperature when your cat is in the bed, and it's washable for easy care.
  • K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat: Put this comforting, warm little mat in your kitten's favorite napping spot. It warms up only when your cat's in the bed, and it has a removable cover for easy washing.

K&H Mother's Heartbeat Kitty Heart Pillow

As you set up these warm, comforting spots to replace mom, you may wonder just how long your kitten will remember her. Well, that's another question entirely and one we'll never truly know the answer to. However, one study found that between six months and one year of age, kittens in new homes preferred smelling swabs with their mom's scent over strange cat scents. But it's not clear why they were drawn to those scents in the first place.

What is known for certain is that if kittens are separated from their moms too soon, they can be at greater risk of separation anxiety and fearing strangers. On the other hand, if their moms are feral or skittish and they stay with them for too long, kittens might pick up their moms' fear of humans. So it's a balancing act. That's why having your home ready with lots of comforting things, like a heartbeat pillow and a heated bed, is a great idea.

Do kittens miss their siblings?

It's not just leaving mom that can be tough for your kitten. Leaving his siblings can be a difficult transition too. Kittens learn valuable lessons in "cat etiquette" from their siblings — lessons that lead to fewer instances of biting and scratching humans later in life.

Many times, it's a good idea to adopt kittens in pairs, especially if you can adopt them from the same litter. Your kittens will be happier, and their play times will entertain you too! (If you can't adopt them from the same litter, two kittens from different litters can still learn to bond.)

How to Help Your Kitten Transition to Life at Home

Transitioning to a new home is tough, whether your new furry best friend is a tiny kitten or an adult cat. Keep an eye out for signs of possible grief during the transition, like a decreased appetite, sleeping more than normal, or a change in vocal patterns. This can be overcome with time, love, and attention.

To help the transition be as smooth as possible, fill your home with new experiences and toys that will feel like fun adventures every time your kitten plays with them.

First, set up a perch on a window seat that has a great view of the backyard birds. You might even set up a bird feeder outside this window! Try these:

  • K&H Kitty Sill & Thermo-Kitty Sill: This sturdy cat window perch will hold your kitten from the time he's tiny to when he's fully grown. The foam base is super comfy, and the heated model will keep your kitten toasty even when he's watching birds on a snowy, cold day.
  • K&H EZ Mount Kitty Sill Cradle Scratcher: This two-in-one window sill lets your kitten bask in the sun while watching birds out your window. And when he needs a change of pace, he can scratch the surface to keep his nails healthy.
  • K&H EZ Mount Window Cat Grass Grow Station: Make your cat's window perch even more inviting by bringing the outdoors inside. This station mounts to any non-porous surface (including the window next to your cat's perch). It comes with a planter, cat grass seeds, and soil pellets. Grass will grow in just one to two weeks.

K&H Kitty Sill & Thermo-Kitty Sill

You also want lots of toys for your kitten to play with. Look for interactive toys for mental enrichment, crinkly toys that entice her to chase, and lots of cat scratchers to help lure her away from your furniture.

  • K&H Kitty Tower: Your kitten will have loads of fun in this two- or three-level tower. It has multiple entrances, peepholes for play, and fleece surfaces for sleeping. It's built to be sturdy and stable.
  • K&H Cat T-Tunnel Toy—3-Way Cat Tube: Whether you have one kitten or several cats, they'll love this toy! It has three spacious tunnels and a mesh window for lots of interactive fun and exercise. And it can be combined with the Kitty Tower to create the ultimate playground.

K&H Kitty Tower

You Can Help Ease Your Kitten's Transition Home

Yes, kittens can miss their moms and siblings. But with lots of love and care, you can ease their transition into your home. Warm beds, heartbeat pillows, window seats for bird watching, and fun toys can help your kittens feel secure and entertained as they adjust to life in your loving home.

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