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By planning in advance and giving your kitty a safe space to retreat to, you can help keep your cat calm on Halloween.

13 Top Tips for Keeping Your Cat Calm During Halloween

The most spooktacular holiday of the year is upon us! And while you're looking forward to candy, ghosts and goblins, your cat might be a little less excited about the festivities. Cats don't enjoy change, which tends to be the name of the game as the holidays approach. How can you keep your cat calm during Halloween? The key involves helping your fuzzy kitty keep her sense of security, even when there's a lot of activity around.

By planning in advance and giving your kitty a safe space to retreat to, you can help keep your cat calm on Halloween.

1. Give Your Cat a Safe Room

If you're trying to figure out how to calm a stressed-out cat on Halloween, start by giving her a "safe room." This doesn't have to be anything too complicated; just a peaceful room where you can close the door and keep your fuzzy feline away from all the noise and traffic.

Make it cozy by putting food and water bowls inside, a litter box, her favorite toys, a cat scratcher and a cozy bed. A great choice for your cat's safe room is the K&H Self-Warming Nuzzle Nest Pet Bed. Without needing electricity, this uniquely insulated bed can keep your kitty warm and snuggly.

2. Turn on Soothing Background Music

A little white noise in your cat's safe room can help drown out the sounds of strangers chatting at a party or trick-or-treating outside. Try testing different sounds days before the event to see how your cat reacts, such as white noise versus soft classical music.

3. Do Your Trick-or-Treating Outside

If you're wondering how to reduce your cat's stress on Halloween, one simple solution is to move the trick-or-treating activities outside. Ringing doorbells and constantly opening and closing doors can freak out your feline. So let kitty relax inside while you sit outside, greeting all the children who pass by your home.

4. Maintain Traditions and Schedules

Cats thrive on routine and find comfort in it. You can help keep your precious purrson calm by maintaining his schedule and traditions. Keep feeding him and playing with him at the same time. Let him continue to snuggle with you at night. All this will help.

5. Give Your Cat a Heated or Covered Bed

Cats crave warmth, whether it's from a beam of sunlight in the afternoon or a warm floor near a vent. Giving your kitty a heated cat bed can help calm her. Cats also feel protected when they hide. Your fuzzy feline may get comfort from being in an enclosed space.

So consider getting her a cat bed that meets both needs. Fortunately, there are many varieties to choose from. The fully enclosed K&H Thermo-Lookout Pod lets you peek in on her from a window at the top. Or try the K&H Thermo-Pet Nest Heated Cat Bed that's basically a warm, fuzzy cave. The K&H Thermo-Indoor Pet House is adorably shaped like a little cat house and the K&H Thermo-Mod Dream Pod is a durable, comfy hideaway that comes in three colors.

6. Play With Your Kitty More

Kitties can act out and get extra hyper if they're not getting enough exercise. So make sure that while you're prepping for the spooky festivities, you don't forget to play with your cat. Play chase with a feather wand toy, or get your feline to chase treats up and down the hallway. Encourage those zoomies!

7. Skip the Costumes

Sure, photos of your cat in a costume may look great on social media. But many cats don't like dressing up. Yours may be an exception, and if so, that's great. But if you're reading this story, it's probably because Sir Purrs-a-Lot gets nervous during the holidays. A costume could just make things worse.

8. Remind Kittens of Their Mother's Love

If you're trying to keep kittens calm, reminding them of their mother's love can help. And the sound of a heartbeat may calm a nervous kitten. The K&H Mother's Heartbeat Heated Kitty Pet Bed with Heart Pillow is an absolutely adorable heated cat bed that comes with a heartbeat device set specifically for kittens.

9. Try Calming Products

Calming products can be a good choice to help your furry feline. Set up a calming diffuser in your cat's safe room a few days before all the festivities begin. The drug-free vapor mimics your cat's own calming pheromones, sending a message that everything's OK.

10. Teach Your Guests How to Interact with Your Cat

If your kitty is confident enough to be around your guests, be sure to teach your guests how to interact with him. Tell your guests not to walk up and start petting your cat. Instead, encourage them to talk softly and extend a hand for your cat to sniff. Teach them to let kitty approach them first.

11. Give Her Interactive Toys and Scratchers

Interactive cat toys and scratchers are great ways to distract your cat, giving her something else to focus on besides your guests or the ringing doorbell. Try the K&H Creative Kitty Tunnel Cat Scratcher Toy, which has a fun track-n-ball toy, catnip and a scratcher. The K&H Scratch, Ramp and Track Cat Scratcher Toy has a tippy rocker and balls for interactive fun. Or try the K&H Stretch n' Scratch Cardboard Cat Scratcher Toy, that's adjustable to your cat's needs.

12. Set Up High Places to Hide

Cats feel confident and secure when they're hanging out in high places. So make sure your kitty has lots of places to climb. Set up a cat tree in his safe room or in a corner of the home without a lot of traffic. Install a K&H EZ Mount Window Bed so he can watch the outside world to his heart's content. Another cute idea is the K&H Hanging' Cat Condo Cat Tree, which can be put on the door of his safe room.

13. Be Cautious About Your Decorations

This last tip really depends on your cat's "purrrrsonality." Of course, you'll want to steer clear of any decorations that can cause hazards, like candles she can knock over or fake blood that's toxic to eat. But did you know that decorations can stress cats out? A motion-activated Jack-o-Lantern or a plastic spider might make your furry friend a ball of nerves. So stick to decorations that are both safe and calming.

There's a lot to keep in mind when it comes to helping your cat stay calm and feel secure on Halloween. But a happy kitty means a happy household. Your sweet feline will reward your hard work with purrs and snuggles when the busy days are over.

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