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Why Cats Seek Warmth

Why Cats Seek Warmth

Why Cats Seek Warmth

Have you ever noticed how cats are drawn to warmth--whether from sunlight, a wood stove, or your natural body heat? Cats seem to enjoy heat even more than humans. But why?

First, a cat’s natural body temperature is 102° F, which is significantly warmer than our body temperature of 98.6° F. Second, cats have a lower sensitivity to heat than humans. Our bodies can sense pain caused by heat 112° or greater. However, cats can only sense pain from heat greater than 126° F. Lastly, cats have fewer points at which they can sense heat.  The heat sensors they do have are concentrated in their faces, making this area especially receptive to heat.

If you’d like to help your cat stay warm, K&H provides innovative pet products to keep your beloved cat comfortable. Years of development and refinement have allowed us to become the largest dedicated producer of heated pet products in the United States.

For outdoor kitties, our Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed and Extreme Weather Kitty Pad heat to a cat’s natural body temperature, providing them with a warm place to lie down. Our Outdoor Kitty House and Multiple Kitty A-Frame shelters offer a heated refuge from the bitter cold and harsh winter winds.

Indoor kitties are safe from Mother Nature, but they still desire warmth and comfort. Low wattage K&H indoor heated beds surround cats in blissful, luxurious warmth. With so many different models to choose from, you’re sure to find a K&H product that’s perfect for your needs.

Our self-warming cat beds provide warmth without the need for electricity. Their space-age materials absorb and reflect an animal’s body heat, helping any cat sleep like a baby.

If your cat likes to bathe in the warm sunlight pouring through your windows, be sure to check out the K&H Kitty Sill and Deluxe Kitty Sill with Bolster. These window sill cat beds offer the best seat in the house and are sure to be a feline favorite in your home!

With K&H Pet Products, providing your favorite kitty with warmth is simple and affordable. Our outdoor heated cat beds, indoor heated cat beds, and self-warming cat beds give loving pet owners the tools they need to provide a high level of care.

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