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What Is the Best Way to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet?

What Is the Best Way to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet?

It's always fun to take your dog with you when you run errands or go on adventures. But a traveling dog can also lead to a lot of dog fur getting stuck in the crooks, crevices, and carpet of your car. Figuring out how to get dog hair out of the car's carpet isn't as tough as it might sound. To get out the dog hair, you'll want to dog proof your car with special covers and then use a vacuum, rubber glove, or even lint rollers to get out the excess hair.

If you brush your dog regularly, less hair will fall onto your car's carpet.

Water Can Help

There are a lot of devices you can use to get dog hair out of your car's seats and carpet. From the squeegees you use to clean your car's windows to small upholstery rakes and rubber gloves, many items can be used to pick up fur. But did you know that sometimes adding a little water can make the process easier? If you spray a light mist of water on the carpet and then use your device of choice, the fur may loosen easier.1

Some people even recommend spraying a mix of fabric softener and water to help loosen the fur even more.Lightly spray the mixture on the carpet or upholstery of your car and then wipe it up with paper towels. Follow up with a vacuum.

Try Duct Tape or Lint Rollers

Duct tape wrapped around your hand (sticky side out) or lint rollers are a great way to get stubborn hairs out of the carpet in your car. Just run them over the carpet and you'll see the fur picked up in no time. You might need to use a lot of lint roller sheets, depending on how much fur is there.

Use a Car Vacuum Cleaner

The simplest answer is to invest in a vacuum cleaner designed for use in your car. These typically plug into the cigarette lighter or other port or they may be battery charged. They're small enough to fit in the tighter spaces of your vehicle. Use the brush attachment with rubber bristles to clean the carpet. This will get out the hair better than a regular hose attachment.

If the fur is really bad, you might want to visit a self-cleaning car wash. These often feature a high-powered vacuum that will pick up the most stubborn hairs.

Bathe and Brush Your Dog

Sometimes it's easier to stop the problem before it starts. Although you'll always have some loose fur on your carpet, you can cut down on the amount a lot by regularly bathing and brushing your dog.

Dog Proof Your Car

You can protect your car from dog hair with special seat covers and carriers. This won't eliminate the fur entirely, but it will stop a lot of it from reaching the carpet. One idea is a bucket pet seat that snaps into your seatbelt buckle. It keeps your dog safe while also sparing your carpet.

Another option is a car seat saver. This water-resistant product covers the back seat and the floor boards. It allows your dog to lie on the back seat, but prevents him from getting on the floor or into the front of the car. It protects your carpet and your seats from dirt and dog hair.

bolster cargo cover is another idea if your dog rides in the cargo area of an SUV. It's comfortable enough for your pup to sleep on while also protecting your car from excess hair.

While vacuums, squeegees, and lint rollers can help you get dog hair out of your car's carpet, it's easier if you cut down on the fur that's falling in the first place. Specialized seat covers that dog proof your car can help you and your dog enjoy a stress-free adventure.

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