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Why Cats Need a Place to Climb

Why Cats Need a Place to Climb

Why Cats Need a Place to Climb

Take a walk through your home and observe its layout and furnishings. Does it provide a place for your cat to climb, scratch, and stake out territory? Does your cat have the opportunity to feel like he’s hunting or on an adventure? Cats that live indoors need crave activity and cat furniture provides pet owners an easy way to keep cats active and happy. In addition, cat furniture helps prevent damage to home furniture and furnishings.

Feline Instincts

Cat furniture provides indoor kitties the opportunity to use their instinctual behavior. It also gives them a unique space and can mitigate the effects of the stress caused by sharing their territory with others.

As an example, cats instinctually climb and observe their surroundings from different heights. Cat trees address this behavior and provide indoor cats with multiple levels to explore. For cats that don’t have the option of climbing outdoors and scoping out the landscape, cat trees are an outstanding alternative.

Healthy Activity

While indoor cats don’t face the same dangers and health risks as outdoor cats, they are often prone to depression and excess weight gain. Provide your cats with physical and mental challenges and they will lead happier healthier lives.

In addition to cat furniture, we recommend entertaining cats with a variety of toys that allow them to pounce and swat like they would while hunting prey. Daily play will stimulate their senses and improve their social connections within the home.

Modern Cat Furniture for Any Home

At K&H, we took the traditional cat tree and modernized it for today’s home. Our Hangin’ Feline Funhouse and Hangin’ Cat Condo give kitties a place to play and entertain themselves for hours. Their multiple levels and peek holes keep cats curious and active.

Choose between the smaller, economical K&H Feline Funhouse and the larger, upgraded K&H Hangin’ Cat Condo. Both mount easily to almost any door in your home thanks to their ingenious bracket system. Or, choose our Kitty Sill and Deluxe Kitty Sill with Bolster to provide your cat with a cozy place to bask in the sunshine and gaze out the window.

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