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What's a Safe House Temperature for Cats in the Summer?

What's a Safe House Temperature for Cats in the Summer?

The summer months can be scorching, and you want to keep your cat indoors more often. But what's an ideal house temperature for cats in the summer? Although cats can typically tolerate heat fairly well, you still need to keep the AC running to maintain the safest temperature for cats that are indoors.

Keep the air conditioning running when your cat's inside this summer.

Leave the AC Running

A cat's normal body temperature is typically between 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.1 This means your cat can tolerate warmer temperatures better than you can since a person's normal body temperature is around 98.6℉.

Just because your cat can handle warmer temperatures doesn't mean you should turn off your air conditioning when leaving the house on a hot summer day. Simply being indoors might not be enough to keep your cat cool when the temperatures are climbing.

Some veterinarians recommend leaving the AC on a moderate but still comfortable setting, such as 75–78℉.2 Leaving the fan on without the AC isn't enough. Fans don't cool cats (or dogs) nearly as well as they cool humans.3 So keep that air conditioning running.

More Ways You Can Keep Your Home Cool

Leaving the AC on isn't the only thing you can do around the house to keep your cat cool and comfy. Even though cats enjoy sunning themselves in front of windows, make sure your cat has dark and cool places she can retreat to that are away from the sun's rays. You should also consider closing the curtains to keep some heat out—especially if your home is on the warmer side.

Consider giving your cat a Cool Bed III. The Cool Bed doesn't require electricity to work. Just add water and keep it in a shady place away from direct sunlight with good airflow. Trimming your cat's nails will help make sure your kitty doesn't puncture the bed.

It's important to keep plenty of fresh water that is easily accessible and in multiple locations in your home. Consider the CleanFlow Filtered Water Bowl, which comes with replaceable charcoal filters. You might also be interested in the Coolin' Bowl. Just freeze the bowl overnight, and the water will stay cool for hours during the day.

Signs Your Cat Is Too Warm

How do you know if your cat is too warm? If a cat gets too hot, he might become less active, seek a cooler spot in your home or on your floor, or drink more water.4 He might even start panting if he's especially overheated. He will need to cool down right away in that situation. Cats that are too warm might also sprawl out more when they're on the floor, rather than curling up in a ball.

If the summer temperatures are heating up, your cat will need your home to be comfortably cooled. You may want to keep the air conditioning on, even when you're not home. And remember, if you're at home and your house is extra cool, your cat will be more likely to snuggle up in your lap.

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