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K&H Mother's Heartbeat Puppy Crate Pad

  • Heartbeat device helps puppies’ transition to their new home and can reduce anxiety and stress by imitating their mother’s melodic heartbeat
  • Soft microfleece sleeping surface ensures puppies are comfy and cozy for a good nap
  • Corners are uniquely slit to fit different brands of crates. Non-slip bottom to prevent sliding around in crate
  • Great for dog anxiety while traveling, during thunderstorms, or separation anxiety
  • Heartbeat device is easily removed from the top pocket to machine wash, yet not easily assessable to puppy
  • Device will run for 8 hours and automatically shut off-Press and hold for 3 seconds to start and stop unit


Help keep puppies from crying due to separation during kenneling and crating with the melodic vibration of a maternal heartbeat. K&H has designed a Mother’s Heartbeat Puppy Fleece Crate Pad with a removable Mother’s Heartbeat device. Maternal heartbeat speeds vary between breed sizes. Our Mother’s Heartbeat devices are based on estimated heartbeats of the breed of the parents and puppy. Included device installs into the pocket at the front of the crate pad. The soft polyester fleece keeps puppies cozy while the maternal heartbeat helps to calm them. Can help everyone get a good night’s sleep. One year limited warranty.

Care & Instructions

Machine wash, separately. Mild detergents, no bleach. Cold water, gentle cycle. Air or line dry, or tumble dry on lowest setting. Dry completely before use.