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K&H Cat Grass Grow Station Growing Cup Refills

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  • Convenient refill kits fit all K&H Cat Grass Grow Station products; cat grass refills include 2 grow cup kits for easy swapping, and are all-inclusive for immediate cat grass growing
  • Easy to grow K&H cat grass is 100% oat grass, farmed in the USA, and GMO-free, ensuring a wholesome treat for cats; kit includes everything you need to grow your own cat grass except the water
  • Eating natural grass provides essential vitamins and minerals, supports healthy digestion, reduces hairballs, and protects your house plants (that can be toxic to your feline friend)
  • Offer your cat a healthy distraction with these fresh, green, edible cat toys for bored indoor adult cats, providing them with a connection to nature
  • Includes refill growing cup kits only - All K&H EZ Mount Window Cat Grass Grow Station products are sold separately


Keeping your K&H Cat Grass Grow Station flourishing is a breeze with our convenient refill kits. Simply lift the cup from the ring and swap it out with a fresh batch for continuous enjoyment. Our cat grass is 100% oat grass, farmed in the USA and free from GMOs, ensuring a wholesome treat for your feline friend. Each K&H Cat Grass Grow Station Growing Cup Refill Kit contains two grow cups, enabling you to have a steady supply of fresh grass. Indoor cats often crave the opportunity to graze on grass, which can aid in digestion and contribute to their overall well-being. By providing a cat grass growing station, you're offering them a natural outlet for this instinctive behavior, sparing your houseplants from their nibbles. Our refill kits are compatible with all K&H Pet Product cat grass products, ensuring versatility and ease of use. Treat your indoor cat to the joy of fresh, nutritious grass with our convenient refill kits today.

Product Q&A


Our soil pellets are made of Coco Coir Fiber. Coco Coir Fiber has a unique structure that enables excellent aeration of plant roots. This helps prevent soil compaction and promotes healthy root development which is crucial to overall plant growth. Plus, our seeds are 100% non-GMO, USA farmed, and made from Oats.


• You may start growing your second cup of K&H Cat Grass one week after your first cup germinates.

• Depending on their nutritional needs, your pet may or may not eat Cat Grass daily.

• Our seeds are made from Oats and are considered a good source of protein and soluble fiber.

• Careful not to overwater. Keep soil moist, not saturated. As with any live plant, overwatering can create mold in the soil.