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K&H EZ Mount Townhouse Cat Window Perch with Cat Grass Grow Station

Original price $122.99
Current price $89.98
  • Bring the outdoors to your indoor cat with an EZ Mount Townhouse Multi-Level Cat Perch view and Cat Grass Growing Station all in one; cat grass planter with cat grass seed is built into the cat perch; and grows in 1-2 weeks
  • Eating K&H natural, farmed in the USA, Non-GMO oat cat grass provides essential vitamins and minerals, supports healthy digestion, reduces hairballs, and protects your house plants (that can be toxic to your feline friend)
  • Cat tree kitty sill mounts to interior glass patio doors and large windows and offers multiple levels that offer your cat fun and comfort with a bird's eye view on all 4 interconnecting levels
  • Enclosed privacy level has 2 front windows, 1 side window and a large viewing window for bird watching; cat grass growing kit includes 2 grow kits, one for now, one for later - K&H Cat Grass Grow Station Refill Kits are available separately
  • This large window cat bed is recommended for large window or door glass spaces measuring 27" wide and 64" high or larger; please be sure to measure your glass window or door to ensure a purr-fect fit
  • Designed & patented by K&H, the Colorado brand you trust with OVER 25 years of experience in creating safe, innovative, quality products for pets; one-year limited warranty


Check out this one of a kind K&H EZ Mount Townhouse Cat Tree Window Cat Perch, a spacious retreat perfect for multiple cats seeking privacy and relaxation. Standing tall at an impressive height of 60 inches, this premium window bed cat tree offers similar features to our other EZ Mounts, ensuring comfort and security. Effortlessly install it on a sliding glass door or large picture window using super-strong industrial suction cups. Equipped with a convenient mesh cup holder on the top shelf, it accommodates the included cat grass growing kit, making grass refreshing a breeze. Our USA-farmed non-GMO 100% oat grass promotes digestive health and overall well-being, with each K&H Cat Grass product including TWO grow cups for continuous freshness. Indoor cats can enjoy the benefits of grazing on grass, sparing your house plants from nibbling. Refills are readily available in sets of two for your convenience. No tools are needed for installation, and the design is patented by K&H, a trusted Colorado brand with over 25 years of experience in crafting safe, innovative, and quality pet products. Backed by a one-year limited warranty. PATENT PENDING & PATENTED - U.S. Patent # 9,924,697.

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