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K&H Quilted Cargo Cover

Original price $97.99
Current price $48.95
Color: Gray
  • Enjoy traveling with your pet without the worry of rips, tears, dirt or pet hair ruining the back of your SUV
  • Made with heavy denier, vinyl-backed polyester for a water-resistant barrier and a soft quilted sleeping surface for extra comfort
  • Hook and loop flaps are adjustable ensuring a universal fit for any vehicle's cargo area
  • Convenient pocket holds leashes, toys and portable water/food dishes
  • Easy to install hook and loop fasteners and snap suction cups keep walls in place
  • Designed & patented by K&H with OVER 20 years of experience in creating safe, innovative, quality products for pets; one year warranty


The Quilted Cargo Cover is available in two sizes to fit different SUVs. Both the standard and mid-size cover and the full size cover fit in the back of SUVs to protect the cargo area from dirt. Great quilted area for pets to sleep or travel. Includes a pocket for storage of leashes and toys. Easy to install with 2 straps over the headrest and adjustable Velcro flaps. Made of heavy denier polyester with a water-resistant back. One-year limited warranty.

PATENTED - U.S. Patent # 10,227,051

Care & Instructions

Washing Instructions

Due to the water-resistant nature of this fabric, it is best to spot clean it with soapy water. If it is a bigger problem than a sponge can handle, we suggest hosing it off.

If you have an extra-large washer and the cover fits loosely inside, it can be machine washed and line-dried. Otherwise you can take it to a laundry facility and use an extra-large capacity machine. Please line-dry to maintain the integrity of the vinyl coating on the backside of the fabric – this is what keeps your car protected.

Product Q&A

Can you clarify the dimensions?

The portion that covers the floor is 52” long and 40" wide. The side flaps go up 18” from the floor while the front flap goes up 14” on the seat back.

Will the hook & loop fastener backing come off my car without leaving marks?

The hook & loop backing should come off without leaving any marks. When removing the hook & loop tape, we recommend using a hair dryer to warm and loosen the adhesive backing. Then remove it slowly.