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K&H CleanFlow Filtered Water Bowl with Reservoir

Original price $108.99
Current price $59.98
  • Filters a full bowl up to 130 times per hour through charcoal that helps remove impurities
  • Fresh water invites more water consumption to help keep pet healthy
  • Our silent, leak-proof design won't splash on floors and carpets
  • BPA-free filtered dog fountain with top shelf dishwasher safe bowl - Reservoir must be hand washed
  • Designed by K&H with OVER 20 years of experience in creating innovative, quality products and includes a K&H 2-year warranty


Providing your dog with fresh, pure drinking water is easy thanks to the K&H CleanFlow Filtered Water Bowl. Its unique system filters the bowl as many as 130 times each hour to keep water clean, which promotes greater water consumption. The CleanFlow's special design prevents splashing and overfilling.

Cleaning your dog's filtered water bowl is a snap. Place the main bowl in the dishwasher and hand wash the reservoir with the included brush.

All CleanFlow models come with a 2-year warranty. Replacement CleanFlow Filters are also available in a convenient 3 pack.

Care & Instructions

Washing Instructions

The bowl can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

The reservoir should NOT be placed in the dishwasher because the heat will cause it to warp. Please wash the reservoir by hand using the included brush.

Product Q&A

How often do I need to replace the CleanFlow filter cartridge?

Typically, the filter should be changed every 1-2 months and cleaned weekly. You'll feel the filter starting to break down each time it is cleaned. Please use your judgment and replace the filter when it becomes soft.

My CleanFlow bowl fills almost to the top–about 1/8" below the rim. Is this normal?

A water level about 1/8” below the rim is normal. When the pump pushes the water, it will come up almost to the rim in the front, but should not overflow. The water should come just below those three slits in the back.

My CleanFlow bowl worked normally when I bought it but now it overflows.

More than likely it's because of a dirty filter. When the filter gets clogged with minerals it can't move water through as quickly. As a result the water level in the pump chamber will drop, and the reservoir will dispense more water, causing an overflow. Take the filter and run the pump to see if that is the case, and if so the filter should be cleaned or needs to be replaced.

What is the difference between the small CleanFlow for Cats and the small CleanFlow for Dogs?

The cat version allows you to order it without the reservoir. But other than that, the small CleanFlow for Cats and the small CleanFlow for Dogs are identical products. They have the same features and bowl capacity.

Can these be placed outside–on the porch for instance?

Yes, it can be placed in a covered area outdoors as long as the temperature is not below freezing. Please make sure the outlet is a GFCI outdoor rated outlet and do not use an extension cord.

How many gallons per hour does the medium/large pump put out?

The medium/large pumps out 2 gallons per hour.

What is the diameter of the water bowl and what is the depth of the water?

Here are the diameter & depth measurements for the bowl portion of each size CleanFlow unit:

  • Small: 7.5" diameter, 2.375" depth
  • Medium: 8.875" diameter, 3.5" depth
  • Large: 10.375" diameter, 4.5" depth

Is the plastic BPH & BPA free?

Yes, the plastic is BPH & BPA free.

How do you fill the water reservoir?

Here are the operating instructions for your CleanFlow with reservoir:

  1. Remove the lid from the pump/filter compartment.
  2. Remove filter from compartment and thoroughly rinse the filter with cool water. This will remove loose charcoal from the filter media.
  3. Thoroughly rinse the entire bowl and pump compartment.
  4. Remove the cap from the water reservoir tank and thoroughly rinse the tank.
  5. Fill the bowl with cool water to about 50% full while lifting the front of the bowl slightly to release air from inside the pump tube.
  6. Fill the bowl the rest of the way.
  7. Slide the filter into its location in the filter/pump compartment, rounded edges toward bottom.
  8. Place the bowl in the desired location.
  9. Plug the bowl into an electrical outlet.
  10. Fill the reservoir tank with water.
  11. Plug the cap hole with the attached no-spill plug. Now screw the plugged cap onto your reservoir tank.
  12. Gently place the filled reservoir tank into the lid of the rear bowl compartment.
  13. The spike will release the auto-fill non spill cap. Your tank will now automatically fill your pet’s bowl for you!

Note: if water flow does not start immediately, lift the front edge of the bowl slightly to help release air from pump tube. This will help the pump grab water.

Do you carry replacement reservoirs in case anything happens to the one I have?

Unfortunately, we do not carry replacement reservoirs. Please make sure to hand wash your reservoir and DO NOT place in the dishwasher. If you follow these guidelines, your reservoir should last a long time.

My dog won't drink from it because of the water movement. How can I get him to accept this new watering bowl?

Most pets will grow accustomed to the water movement. You could start by leaving the bowl unplugged and plugging it in after they’ve become accustomed to the new bowl.

Troubleshooting your CleanFlow product:

  1. Make sure the filter media is placed properly inside the unit. It should not be near the plastic pole inside the pump section of the bowl. (see image)
  2. Be sure the cord is properly secured in the inlet designed to hold the cord. If it is raising the lid that holds the reservoir it will cause an overflow. (see image)
  3. Place the lid that holds the reservoir securely to cover the filter and pump compartment, making sure all parts are connected properly. If the lid is not flush against the base it will cause an overflow. (see image)
  4. Check the cap of the reservoir, it should be screwed tight. If not screwed on properly and tight, it will cause an overflow.
  5. Be sure the K&H logo on the reservoir is facing the water side of the bowl.
  6. Place the CleanFlow on a level surface.
  7. Clean the filter media regularly, at least once a week, to ensure it is not being blocked by hair and debris. If you are experiencing an overflow, simply remove the filter for a day. If the overflow stops, clean the filter or replace the filter immediately.