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Cats love owning territory and will be delighted with any modern cat furniture solutions you find.

On Every Cat's Wish List: Modern Cat Furniture Your Feline Will Love

Cats feel far more confident when they have plenty of resources to call their own. Whether it's a cat tree or condo they can climb high or a window perch that allows them to watch the birds flying outside, kitties thrive when they have some territory to rule.

In the wild, cats are territorial and tend to have a home base where they eat and sleep, plus a home range where they hunt.1 They also patrol their territory on a schedule. Your cats have territory in your home they patrol too. You might notice they sleep in different areas at specific times of the day or night, and if you have more than one cat, they even have "timeshares" they split with other cats in the home.

Because cats patrol so many areas of your house, they love having lots of cat furniture to integrate into their daily lives. Of course, you can't fill your home with so many modern cat trees that you run out of room for your own stuff! That's why it's important to look for folding or compact cat furniture that looks both tidy and cute. Here's a look at the top six cat furniture solutions that are just "purrfect" for your home.

Cats love owning territory and will be delighted with any modern cat furniture solutions you find.

1. Tall Spaces for Climbing

Cats love climbing.2 Their wild ancestors would hunt from trees and sleep there too. The instinct is still strong in your domestic kitty, so provide lots of tall spaces where he can feel confident and safe.

The Hanging' Cat Tree - 4 Story is a great place to start. This tree can hold multiple cats at once (up to 50 pounds), and it can even be folded flat against your door if needed. The shelves have washable, fleece-lined covers for your cat's comfort.

The Kitty Tower is another creative answer to your cat's climbing needs. It has three levels with six peepholes and four entrances wide enough even for "chonky" cats. It's easy to move, lightweight and folds flat for storage.

Another option is the three-story Hangin' Cat Condo or five-story Hangin' High Rise. These mount on almost any door and provide easy access for cats to play in all the enclosed levels.

2. Window Perches for "Cat TV"

Cats love to look out your windows and watch the busy birds and squirrels outside—it's their own version of television! You can combine their love of windows with their love of climbing by getting an EZ Mount Window Kitty Sill Triple Stack. This mounts to interior glass patio doors or large windows and can hold up to 50 pounds (and multiple cats). It requires no floor space and folds up to the window so your blinds can function normally. (Provided your cat isn't playing with them!) For an extra level, get the EZ Mount Window Kitty Sill Quad Stack. The EZ Mount Townhouse 3-Shelf works similarly, but it's a little fancier with an enclosed townhouse level that provides privacy.

If you want something a little smaller but still adorable, get a single-level window perch that doubles as a bed. Try the EZ Mount Window Bed in multiple color choices (with a machine washable kitty pad). Or get the fully enclosed EZ Mount Window Pod, with left or right entry options, so your kitty feels secure. Plus, it holds up to 60 pounds. If you want to see your kitty while she's napping, get the EZ Mount Window Bubble Pod. For a window bed that keeps your kitty warm, try the Thermo EZ Mount Window Bed.

If you want to give your kitty a little more entertainment, mount the EZ Mount Scratcher on a window near any exposed kitty sill, like the Kitty Sill - EZ Window Mount, so your cat can scratch to her little heart's content while she watches the birds in your yard.

3. Cute Indoor Kitty Beds for Sleeping

Of course, your cat won't be watching TV or playing on a cat tree all the time. You also want plenty of cat beds where your cat can snuggle down next to you in your living room, office or wherever you are.

The versatile Knitted Pet Bed in red, gray or navy is an adorable, handwoven bed with flexible, soft support. For variety, it can be transformed into multiple shapes. Another option is the Amazin' Snuggle Cup, which has a rounded shape that cats love and high sides that provide a tunnel-like sleeping experience. It's also a dirt, dander and hair magnet that helps keep your floors clean. If your kitty prefers a tiny house of his own, try the Indoor Pet House in gray or red. You should also consider getting a Mod Capsule that's not only a bed but can also be zipped up and used as a pet carrier.

4. Modern Indoor Heated Beds

If the nights are cold, try a self-warming or plug-in heated bed. For a self-warming variety, consider the K&H Self-Warming Hut, which has insulation sewn onto the sleeping surface. The Self-Warming Kitty Sack or the Self-Warming Nuzzle Nest are additional options that come in a stylish leopard-print pattern.

For a plug-in bed, try the indoor Thermo-Kitty Mat. The dual thermostat warms the bed to your pet's normal body temperature when your cat sleeps on it. Or get the Thermo-Pet Cave for a fleece-lined, heated bed your kitty can snuggle into and feel protected. You can unzip the back if your cat prefers a tunnel environment, and the bed also comes with a hanging plush toy.

For a bed your cats can also play in, get the Thermo-Kitty Duplex, which has a heated cat bed and a removable divider. If your cat doesn't want the warmth, she can sleep on the fuzzy roof.

For kittens, you'll want the Mother's Heartbeat Heated Kitty Pet Bed with Heart Pillow. This bed helps kittens transition to a new home with a heated pad and a heartbeat device that mimics their mom's maternal heartbeat.

5. Stylish Outdoor Cat Houses

You might also want to set up some cat beds designed for the outdoors, whether you have an indoor-outdoor cat or you're caring for feral or stray cats that don't come inside. The Thermo Outdoor Kitty House Extra-Wide comes in heated or unheated versions. It's water-resistant with two exits, so your cat never feels trapped. If that's too big, the Thermo Outdoor Kitty House is another cute option that comes in multiple, stylish designs. For something a little simpler, the Thermo Mod Kitty Shelter has a rigid, durable exterior and a small heated pad that covers half the floor.

6. Modern Outdoor Feeding Stations

If you're caring for outdoor cats, you also want to protect their food and water. The Outdoor Kitty Dining Room keeps food and water bowls free from debris and rain. In the winter, use it with the Thermo-Kitty Cafe to keep food and water warm even in sub-zero temperatures.

You can even combine the dining room with a heated shelter. The Outdoor Heated Two-Story Kitty House with Dining Room has two levels for two cats. Attached to the side is a "dining room" that accommodates a feeding station with a removable roof that makes it easy to add food and water.

Remember, all the cat items in the world can't replace your kitty's need for time with you. So while you're setting up those compact cat trees and folding cat window perches, take time to build your bond with your cat. Brush him with his favorite comb, play "chase the feather wand," try clicker training, take him on walks on a cat harness or just snuggle on the couch together. The more time your cat has with you, the more fulfilled you'll both feel.

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