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How to test your heated pet bed

How to test your heated pet bed


How to test your heated pet bed

Pets love snuggling in soft, warm beds.

Cuddly cats and delightful dogs alike are drawn to the comfort and security of heated spaces.

Of course, you can't wait to see your pet's reaction when you unveil your new heated bed!

But how do you know the heated bed will give the comforting warmth your pet craves? Before letting them snooze in cozy comfort, try testing your new heated bed to see for yourself. These simple steps will help you know if your heated pet bed works as designed. (And you can do this test anytime!)

Testing Your New Heated Bed Is Easy

1. Plug in the bed and let it sit for one hour before testing — plug it in directly to an outlet, not an extension cord. (Note: Let it sit for one hour before moving to the next step. This is especially important before the bed's first use.)

2. Place a large pillow on top of your pet's new bed.

3. Wait 20 minutes, then feel under the pillow.

4. The bed should feel warm but NOT hot.

That's it! It's that simple!

Remember: The pillow should only be used during the test. If you have an outdoor heated pad, never leave a pillow or anything else on the heated pad otherwise (except the cover that came with it.) Be sure to read all the instructions that came with your new bed for other important tips before using your new bed.

Learn How Your K&H Heated Pet Bed Works

K&H heated pet beds are designed to remain 10 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature when your pet isn't in the bed. It's perfectly normal if the bed isn't warm to the touch when your pet isn't in it. When your pet is in the bed, the bed will warm to its maximum temperature. You don't have to do anything special to make it work. Just plug it in! (How cool is that?!)

Safety Tip: Don't ever use human heating products with your pets because those can easily cause burns.

Give Your Pet Time to Try Out Your New Bed

Some pets will try out the bed immediately. Others may feel a little more cautious and need to just watch it and smell it for a few days before trying it out. Don't be discouraged! Once your puppy or kitty gives the bed a try, they'll be hooked.

Let us know how your fluffy buddy loves their new heated bed! Share your pics with us on social: @khpet on Facebook or Instagram.

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