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K&H Thermo-Farm Animal Mat

Original price $93.99
Current price $46.95
  • Great warming mat for hogs, goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, or any animal found on the farm
  • Can be used as a deicer in your barn or garage to keep bowls and buckets from freezing
  • Ideal for sheds garages barns or any sheltered area your furry friends need warmth
  • This heated farm mat has been tested & certified by MET Labs to exceed USA/CA electrical safety standards
  • One year limited warranty


The K&H Thermo-Farm Animal Mat is the perfect all-purpose heated farm mat. It can be used with all farm animals and is especially helpful for keeping anything warm. Can be used to keep a water bucket ice-free, help whelp a litter of puppies, or can be placed in a chicken coop for added warmth in the winter. The K&H Thermo-Farm Animal Mat has so many uses that it’s a must have all-purpose heated farm mat. MET listed. One year limited warranty.

Product Q&A

Model# Color Size Dimensions Wattage
2165 Black Small 12.5” x 18.5” 40W
2175 Black Medium 16.5” x 22.5” 60W
2185 Black Large 22.5” x 28.5” 80W