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Creative Kitty™ Roller Toy

Pack Size
  • Interactive toy rolls easily across floor
  • Two free moving balls inside for chasing and batting around
  • Surface specially designed for scratching
  • A truly captivating toy for your kitty
  • Free catnip included - use optional
  • Measure 4" x 4" x 10"


  • Extra interactive fun is packed into this perfect rolling toy.
  • Cats will love its shape as it rolls across the floor with ease while they scratch and bat the two balls.
  • A cutout middle track makes the balls visible to kitty as they roll back and forth with ease.
  • The outside scratching surface appeals to a cat’s natural instinct to scratch and claw.
  • Included small packet of catnip encourages playtime.
  • Patent pending.

* Catnip use is optional.